Teddy and I are moving on with our lives!

My buddy Dale recommended some time ago that I make this site “informational purposes only” and disable comments.

As my new life continues to unfold and blossom, I realize that Dale is right. I briefly considered disabling the website, as it had become a real time sink, but Dale is right: In disabling the comments, the site can still be a valuable resource for many folks, and the “time sink” issue is solved. If you want to contact me, you can find me on Facebook, via the group “Sears Kit Homes.” We have 9,000 members.

Teddy and I wish you all the best!

To Teddy’s dearest friend from P-Town: I have made some changes and deletions at the website. Sometimes, the pain is so deep that we lose sight of things. I wish you the best.

Teddy and I are moving into new adventures but we hope you’ll continue to enjoy the 1100+ posts here, with their 5,000+ pictures!