My Book Is Still Not Quite There…

My book was finished – or so I thought. After almost a year of editing work done by two professional editors, it seemed ready for the world.

When I went to actually publish it at Amazon, I paused. I had a very strong feeling that it wasn’t quite right. I spent a few days wondering (agonizing, actually) if it was time to say “SO WHAT!” and just push on.

I also wondered if it was time to toss it in the trash and give up. That idea was quite appealing.

After talking with a few friends, I realized that it was okay to take a deep breath and give myself another 60 days to correct some deficiencies within the text.

In September, I’m giving a talk at the national IANDS conference (sadly, it’s virtual again this year), and I suspect that the book will be done by then. Or I certainly hope so!

What is it about my story that touched your heart? Or even – what is the most memorable part? Here’s the YouTube (13 minutes) if you’d like to see the “short version!”

Thanks so much for any insights that you wish to share.

“The beginning is near.” I love this image and all it represents. It sums up my own visit into heaven beautifully. I have glimpsed heaven.

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