For Those Who Are Still Reading This Blog…

These have been some tough days. I’m in the midst of a large financial decision, and I feel so unprotected from the world. It may be true that “no man is an island” but being an uncoupled older woman can be a lonely spot. This is one of those times when I sorely miss being married. For several months, I have been faithfully praying about the idea that my Maker is my husband (Isaiah 54), and yet, things are not unfolding harmoniously.

But I know that many of my faithful readers are real prayer warriors, and I would be so grateful for your prayers, and your light, and your love.

Thank you.

This is the Sterling “Vernon” and it was their fanciest kit home. Sterling was a company that (like Sears) sold kit homes through their mail-order catalog.


Recently, I visited sunny Florida and discovered this Sterling “Vernon” sitting right across the street from the Gulf of Mexico. It’s located in Dunedin, Florida. While I am focused on my new book, it seems that I will always turn my head to look at a pretty house. BTW, I miss Florida. What a beautiful place to be.



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