My Temporary Death Experience – Now on Youtube!

In September 2019, I attended an NDE conference in Pennsylvania, and while there, I met Roberta Moore, who asked if I’d be willing to share my story with her YouTube viewers. I agreed, and the video was posted in November 2019.

Here’s the short version of Rose’s story:

Two years after Rose’s husband committed suicide, she was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer, and during a “minor medical procedure,” she bled to death, and had no vital signs for 10+ minutes.

In heaven, she was told that if she agreed to return to earth, she’d be completely restored to perfect health, physically, emotionally and mentally. She reluctantly agreed, and after her return, multiple medical tests affirmed that every vestige of the disease was gone.

In ten months, this video has garnered more than 45,000 views on YouTube and 300+ comments. The prevalent opinion offered in these comments is, “This is the best NDE story that I’ve ever heard.”

Enjoy the link: Rosemary’s NDE!


  1. Cathy desoto

    I watched your video, then searched your name and found this site. Amazing. Moving. Interesting. I’d like to know more. Feel free to google my name and contact me. The joy you felt came through the video.

  2. Dorothy

    Thank you for your story, it resonates deeply for me. There is much of it I understand, without ever having an nde. And it is just what I need in this moment – a gift for me to mold and shape, that I have needed for a while.

    And what a lovely site I have to explore now!

  3. bb

    hello Rose…I believe that Addie is still residing by the fargo house..if you would like to talk email me..thanks

  4. Paul Fallon

    We ave a house that was built in 1880 in Wilson, NY and were told it was a Sears house brought in on the railroad all ready to assemble. It’s too early for Sears but any idea what it could be?

  5. Sears Homes

    You know, I still think about Addie a lot. She helped me and I believe that she knows what I did for her.

  6. BB not take this the wrong way…but based on my research…IMHO…and on probable interaction…Addie,as well as Martha,as well as Mary ,,,and some of the kids…are STILL in lake Mills… Enoch is NOT there…They all seem happy and content.. to be where they are…I believe that what you did for her…has made her more settled…and happy…I am a sensitive..


    …..thank you for caring ,,

  7. Laura (So Ca)


    Not to be superficial, but you look great. Love your new hairstyle, and your face is glowing. You look so much younger. Your reintroduction to happiness has done wonders.

    I liked your NDE story, and so glad it wasn’t your time. We need you.

  8. Robin Fyock

    God bless you! I just watched your video. My peace be with you always!

  9. Wanda

    I listened to your NDE experience on YouTube and was stunned by what I was hearing.

    You see, when I was 5 years old, I was hit by a car. I remember expanding bigger and bigger in total blackness as this voice in the back ground gently instructed me to let go.

    As I expanded bigger and bigger, so did the peace and sheer joy. All my worries melted away, my soul felt completely at ease.

    I also went to a white room that was vast without walls, floors, and a ceiling, yet it was as if the room had these things. Very hard to explain.

    I feel so much comfort in knowing that there are people like you in this world who had gone to the same place.

    All my life, I felt alone and took on the belief that I’m just crazy and kept it to myself all these years. But, now I’m experiencing a re-awakening of sorts because of people like you.

    I thank you so much for having the courage to share your story. ❤

  10. Michael

    Hallelujah . I have been a vivid watcher of nde videos. Yours takes the cake in the credibility stakes.
    As I am about to experience my transition this has given me tremendous heart. God bless you for your
    contribution to the cause.

  11. Michael

    Hi, I lost my first comment as it was not accepted
    for reasons unknow. My only comment now is love to you.

  12. Michael

    Now it seems my comments have been transmitted to you after all. Many thanks, My mother’s maiden name happens to be Ringers, co-incidence ?

  13. Sears Homes

    Thanks so much for your kind words! I sent you an email. 😀

  14. Lisa

    Rosemary, although I have never met you in person I have always admired you.

    I am the owner of the Sears Magnolia in Syracuse New York. We connected many years ago and I think about you a lot.

    I had no idea that you went through something so tragic.

    However, I believe every bit of it. Our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ knows everything, He’s there with us always.

    He says He will never leave us or for sake us and I completely believe that. I am so elated that you are here with us. I am grateful you didn’t go through the door. You have much more to do.

    Thank you for your wonderful story.