Sears Barns: Just Add Critters

Just like Sears Homes, these barns were sold as kits, complete with pre-cut lumber, nails, roofing, doors and everything that you needed. Pictured below is a barn in Mattoon, Illinois and Pulaski, Illinois. Both farms have a Sears kit home on the land.

For more information on Sears Barns, look for Rebecca Hunter’s Book of Barns. Click here to buy.

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Sears Barn in Mattoon, IL.

Sears Barn in Mattoon, IL.

Sears Cyclone Barn in Pulaski, Illinois.

Sears "Cyclone" Barn in Pulaski, Illinois. Notice that this barn matches the model of the cover of Rebecca's book below.

Seears barns

Rebecca and Dale's book on Sears kit barns is a wonderful resource!

To learn more about Sears Homes, click here.

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