Have you seen these Sears Homes in Connecticut?

Reading through the 1916 Sears Homes catalog, I found several testimonials from happy homebuyers in Connecticut. I’ve picked these two testimonies (see pictures below), because they purchased large, easy-to-identify Sears Homes. If you know the address of these Sears Homes, please leave a comment below. Or, if you know of another Sears Home in Connecticut, please mention that, too and SEND ME A PHOTO!  🙂

Are you familiar with Sears Homes? These were true kits, sold right out of the pages of the Sears Roebuck catalog, arriving at the train depot in a boxcar with 12,000 pieces of house. These early 20th Century homes came with a 75-page instruction book and detailed blueprints. Sears promised that a “man of average abilities” could have the house finished within 90 days!

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Testimonial from 1916 Sears Modern Homes catalog.


Testimonial, also from 1916 catalog

Sears Modern Home #119

Sears Modern Home #119, built in Putnam, CT

Close-up of house

Close-up of house

Sears Modern Home #225

Sears Modern Home #225 built in Shelton, CT

If you’ve seen these houses, please leave a comment below. Or, you can send me an email at thorntonrose@hotmail.com

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  1. Rachel J Shoemaker

    Hi Rosemary!

    The Sears 225 is at 114 New Street, Shelton Connecticut and, there’s a Sears 225 at 201 Weeks Str in Bennington, Vermont neighboring to an Aladdin Shadowlawn.