Sears Homes!

Rosemary (that’s me!) is coming to Virginia Beach on February 1, 2020 to give a talk on her “temporary death experience.”

I died on September 5, 2018, having bled to death, after a “minor” medical procedure. After my body lost a great quantity of blood, my heart stopped.

I was unconscious when I died, and I woke up at the moment of my death, being catapulted out of my body. It was very dramatic. I floated further and further away from my body, marveling at the profound peace that I was experiencing.

Good times!

For more than 10 minutes, I had no blood pressure and no heart beat. And I was having the time of my life – literally. I saw heaven and talked with spiritual beings. My predominant emotion was gratitude. I was profoundly grateful that I had “served my time” and now I was heading home.

But something happened along the way, and I was sent back.

You can see a 17-minute video of the story here.

And now, you can come to Virginia Beach – on February 1st – and hear me tell this story in person!

Please attend and invite your friends!

Where: Edgar Cayce’s ARE at 215 67th Street in Virginia Beach
When: February 1, 2020 at 10:00 am.
Sponsored by: Virginia Beach’s IANDS group
Cost: Recommended donation (for IANDS) is $10 at the door.
More information: Virginia Beach IANDS

Come hear Rosemary talk about her return from heaven!




Rose is the author of several books, including The Houses That Sears Built (2002,) Finding the Houses That Sears Built (2004), The Ugly Woman’s Guide to Internet Dating (2009) and The Sears Homes of Illinois (2010). She’s the co-author of California’s Kit Homes (2004) and Montgomery Wards Mail-Order Homes (2010), and has contributed chapters to three books on architecture.

Rose has traveled to 25 states to give more than 200 lectures on Sears Homes, from Bungalow Heaven in Los Angeles to The Smithsonian in Washington, DC. She has addressed a wide variety of audiences from architectural preservationists in Boston, St. Louis and Chicago to kit home enthusiasts in small towns across America.

Rose has appeared on MSNBC, PBS (History Detectives), A&E (Biography), CBS (Sunday Morning News) and her book was featured in its own category on Jeopardy. She’s also been featured on NPR twice (All Things Considered) in the last three years. She is considered the country’s #1 authority on kit homes.

Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, L. A. Times, Dallas Morning News, Old House Journal, American Bungalow, Blue Ridge Country, Chesapeake Life and about 100 other publications. Twice in the last five years, the story of her unique career was picked up by the AP and in May 2009, she was interviewed on BBC Radio.




Click here to see why Rose appears somber.


  1. Preston

    I tried to send a note through your blog but got rejected. So here I am again with Ashmore questions. Preston

  2. Mary B Ferary

    I lived in a sears kit home. 200 Grove Frederick Maryland. Would love any information you might have about the home and property. Thanks.

  3. Julie

    Hi Rosemary!

    Our neighbors brought us some info on Sears homes. Unbeknownst to us, we may have The Carmen. I’ll be doing some research soon. Do you know if there are house plaques that Sears sells to folks who own a Sears home?

    Thanks for your efforts!


  4. Eileen King

    I have a small Sears kit house in Naplate, Illinois.

    Owen’s Ford sold the property and homes to their employees in 1920, and Faustino Dinelli bought this house on 18th Avenue. It has the markings on basement wood arched doorways and I love this house!

  5. Stan Dickervitz

    Hi, looking for info on the Sears house on the Marlboro ranch in Montana.

  6. Gary Hankins

    I believe we have a Sears kit house located in rural Shelby County Ohio. My research and evidence within the house has me convinced it is a Sears kit model 2015 shown in the 1919 catalog as the “The Greenview”. How do I go about having it authenticated?

  7. charlotte redman

    I own a 1930’s Sears kit house in Grant, Florida and purchased it from the original owner “Miss Ruby” She told me how it was brought down the Indian River by barge and then assembled with no bathroom at that time. She raised her Family of 5 in this tiny house.

  8. Chris Novarro
    Subject: Homes
    Comments: Hello. I live in Midland Michigan in my grandparents house from sears called the Hamilton. They built it in 1920 ? And ot was unloaded off a rail car then delivered by a team of horses. I have the original blueprints and the catalog. I would love to share some photos of how original the house still is. Feel free to contact me at 989-492-2229 for pictures or more info. In Midland i believe there at 5-7 sears houses some directly across tbe street from me. Thanks. Chris Novarro

    Date Sent: Fri Nov 22 09:37:10 EST 2019
    Requested from:

    End of Feedback submission.

  9. Libby Thompson

    Hello! I own a Sears Lewiston in Richfield, Ohio. My neighbors have told me that their homes are also sears homes (I’m not sure of the styles). Our Lewiston is unique because it seems to be reversed, as is the “S” on the chimney.

  10. Judy Wood

    I just purchased the Lynnhaven house in Muncie Indiana. I was told that this house was moved to another street in Munie, could the above picture be my house?

  11. Gail

    I think there is a Magnolia House in Baton Rouge Louisiana. It’s on Laurel Street across from the Federal Courthouse. The children of the original owners lived in it until a couple of years ago and never changed anything in it.

  12. Ashlee Holder

    I would love to know how to tell if my home is a Sears kit home! It’s a colonial style two-story in East Texas that we estimate was built in the early 30’s as a 3 bedroom/1 bath and added onto in 1955 & 1978. It’s been remodeled so even though the character was left there’s no markings of any kind. I would love to send you some pictures! I have turned it into a cozy bed & breakfast with a timeless, elegant look.

  13. Frances Gravel

    Is it possible to obtain floor plans of some of the Sears homes? For instance The Magnolia – 10 room colonial

  14. Julie

    Check out 424 19th St NW, Canton, Ohio. Appears to be a beautiful Magnolia in the Historic Ridgewood neighborhood.

  15. Margaret Ewing

    I lived in the Magnolia house in Wheeling WV. My house has the widows walk. A friend now owns the house.

  16. Beth

    I purchased a Sears house in Kalamazoo, Michigan 16 years ago. My son has since purchased the house from me and is living it.

    I am not sure what model it is. There is a Sears plaque on the stairwell to the basement.

    I was told it was built by an immigrant couple who moved to Kalamazoo from France and taught at the local university. The home remained in their family until we purchased it.

  17. Stafford Shurden

    There is a sears Magnolia in Drew, Mississippi on Lombardi Road. It is owned by the Millen family. They built it and it is still in the family today.

  18. Stafford Shurden

    There is a sears Magnolia in Drew, Mississippi on Lombardi Road. It is owned by the Millen family.

  19. Mary Evje

    There is a Victorian style Sears home in the tiny town of Iron Ridge, WI. It sits on a corner on Main St. My husband and I almost bought it. At the time it was absolutely beautiful. There’s been remodeling done since I last saw it, but hopefully the new owners were smart enough to keep the ornate woodwork and radiators in tact.

  20. Sue Schneider

    You seem to be the expert on Sears home kits. To your knowledge did they sell “church” kits?

    We recently had a historic church tour in Loveland, CO and one of the guides insisted their church had been built from a Sears kit.

    There was some debate amongst the experts on the tour, but I have seen articles that support the idea.

  21. Sears Homes

    Hi Sue,

    Send me some more information, or post it in our Facebook group “Sears Homes.”

  22. joyce ott

    How do you know if it is a sears house? I am currently trying to purchase a home built in the 1920’s.

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