Exciting things happening in Alton, IL!

Happy news! I’m working with the a local historical group to put together a “driving tour” of the Sears kit homes in Alton. With the virus concerns, what better way to continue with their wonderful tradition of highlighting this city’s remarkable and unique architecture!

Stay turned, and I will provide updates as the project unfolds!

As an aside, this is (hopefully) the last event that I’ll participate in as “the expert” in Sears Homes. Here’s my new project, which will be punctuated by my new book’s release (hopefully in Fall of 2020).

And in the meantime, here’s an example of the pretty Sears kit homes in Alton.

Click here on THIS LINK if you’re interested in learning more about what happens after Sears Homes.

A beautiful example of the Sears Dover, in Alton, IL.


Good-looking house (1938 Sears Modern Homes catalog)



One of my long-time favorites is this Sears Modern Home #118, the former site of the Springman Lumber Company.


Here’s the SMH #118, as seen in the 1916 Modern Homes catalog.


One of my long-time favorites, this little Sears “Starlight” is in almost perfect (original) condition.


The Sears Starlight was hugely popular for Sears (1928 catalog).


This mostly original Lorain is in Alton, not far from the old train station.


The 1930s Lorain had a rounded dormer, but the 1940 catalog shows the more traditional gabled dormer.


Alton “Wardway #106” which is hidden by the trees, so I resorted to Google Images.


The #106 as seen in the 1916 Wardway catalog.


If you’re interested in hearing about Rose’s upcoming book, please watch (and share) the video below.


  1. Laura (So Ca)


    So happy to see and hear you doing so well in this video. You are a natural story teller, and I am so happy you are on the other side of your tumultuous rollercoaster ride. Evidently, you are a cat, with 8 more lives remaining.

    Some people etch a place in your heart, and you my dear are a very special lady. I am elated you came back to finish this life. The world would be a darker place without you.

    Your biopsy story, including the transformation of Milton, and your “and they all lived happily ever after” was so uplifting, and so needed.

    That’s who you are, Rosemary, a bright star. You go girl!

  2. Lucky 312-217-0078


    My name is Lucky. My grandfather was an architect and he fueled my love of Sears homes. Do you know of Anyone who replicates pre fab sears home? I am doing an experiment in Gary, Indiana on a vacant lot I own.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation

  3. Rebecca

    I have just discovered your site. My husband and I live in #158 Sears Home.

  4. Juan

    Hello, I have a question about kit homes in general that doesn’t fit this category. Can you please contact me using my email? Thank you.

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