Today, I Turned 60!

As my friend Rhonda said, this may be my 60th birthday, but it’s my first “zombie birthday”!

On September 5, 2018, I bled out (subsequent to a botched medical procedure), had a heart attack and died. I was dead (no vital signs and no heartbeat) for more than 10 minutes.

I had a splendiferous time in heaven and did NOT want to come back! Nonetheless, I was convinced that I should return, and here I am, celebrating my 60th year in this particular light-pink jersey with blue eyes and black hair.

As always, I hope you’ll leave a comment below! I surely do love the comments.

Teddy and I love being here in the Midwest.


  1. Carin

    Happy Birthday! And wow! We are definitely glad you decided to come back, and I bet Teddy is, too.

  2. Chriss Halleck

    Happy Birthday to you Rose and many more to come. I hope you are settling in and enjoying your new life in the Midwest. Welcoming you as a member of the 60+ group. 🙂

  3. Dale Wolicki

    Zombie or not a zombie, have a Happy Birthday!

  4. Shan Thomas

    I have just discovered your blog. Are you available for on site consultant work?

  5. Gemma

    Happy birthday! So glad you and Teddy are content. The 4th was also my MIL’s wedding anniversary. She was inurned on the 1st.

  6. Jenny

    Hope your birthday was grand!
    Teddy looks very happy to have a big green space to run!

  7. Cathy Ringer

    Happy Belated Birthday and Welcome to the 60s club. I joined on May 4th. The Force was with me! Lol

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