Three Years – and a Request for Your Prayers

Three years ago today, it happened. I still can’t look at pictures of him without bursting into tears and becoming physically unwell.

As my friends know, I bled out, had a heart attack and died on September 5th and everything changed after that. I saw heaven, and I talked with the angels, and I was in the presence of The Holy Spirit.

Upon my return from heaven, I was hospitalized and in those first days, I was swarmed by the angels. They told me that my soul had been restored (Ps. 23) and that The Bad Thing and all its etceteras had been “encapsulated” and couldn’t hurt me anymore. They said, “Yes, it happened and it’s going to be something that changed your life but it can’t cause you any more harm. The pain of this horror has been encapsulated. You’re safe and you’re free. Go enjoy the remnant of your time on earth.”

The repercussions from that heavenly encounter continue to unfold with every passing hour.

Yesterday, I had my first radio interview on this “temporary death experience” and while I was a bit nervous, it felt mighty good to share the good news on the week that includes “Good Friday.”

It’s my own story of resurrection and restoration. And I am profoundly grateful to have visited heaven, and to be able to report back, it’s as beautiful as the poets and mystics and disciples have promised.

Today, I ask for your prayers of protection, and that my thoughts remain on the things of God, and the blessings of divine Love, and not the horrors of one grisly event.

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Many thanks to Sue for sending me this lovely inspirational message. It touched my heart and lifts my spirits every day.

Many thanks to Sue for sending me this lovely inspirational message. It touched my heart and made me smile. It also lifts my spirits every day.


To listen to Rose’s 90+ minute talk on her near-death experience, click here.



  1. Mildred

    And I for one am glad you came back. I could not imagine a world without you.

  2. Cindy

    I love your stories. I’m so happy for you now.

    I’m looking forward to more posts about your nomadic adventures.

  3. Susan Schnittger

    Welcome back !

    I’m not sure you know how much you would be missed.

    And I’m very glad that you are now that much closer to me.


  4. Gemma

    That one moment of compassion for the nurse is what sent you back.

    Find the “Shroud 2019” video on YouTube. Such will keep your mind off The Bad Thing.

    Keep praying.

    You don’t have to look at any photos. I just hope you don’t experience PTSD like I have with my own son’s passing.

    Pouring the Precious Blood of Jesus upon you on this Good Friday.

  5. Sears Homes

    Hi Gemma,

    I am unable to pray for him. He’s on his own. During his time on earth, I prayed specifically and purposefully 3x a day that God would bless him and keep him, and let a river of divine light and love pour through his soul. I prayed my very best prayers for that man.

    These days, when I think of him, instead of saying “hot enough for ya?”, I say only, “I send you love.”

    That’s the best I can do.

  6. Gemma

    And that’s good enough, dear Rosie. That IS a prayer.

  7. S. Patricia Morris

    So glad to hear how meaningful your life has become. Consider it answered prayers. Glad you decided to share, what a perfect witness.

    So I gather you made it thru the move. Good for you.

    And Brave Warrior Princess of the King! Aint He wonderful? Yes, we can do ALL things through Christ, can’t we? I’m so proud of you.

  8. Beth

    This is my first comment. I found your site through the Sears homes, a couple of years ago.

    Okay! Do you have any idea how dangerous you are to the Evil One? How much *more* he hates (and now *fears*) you, because you’ve seen Heaven.

    Imagine how much he wants to undermine, cloud, dilute your message!

    The Evil One is going to work overtime to hurt you, to drag you back to where you were three years ago. Who knows, he may even have ‘help’ down there.

    I don’t really know you, but I feel that’s not anything you’d want to allow those lame losers who have already lost to do.

    How dare he/they try to steal a(nother) second of your joy!

    Praying for you to keep your face turned upward toward the light. Blessings.

  9. Jenny

    I’ve been thinking of you lately and hope you have been well.

    The rock is beautiful! A cheerful reminder of good things yet to come!

    You are in my prayers.

  10. Sears Homes

    Thank you so much, Beth. That’s a beautiful message and helps assuage my anxieties. God bless you for taking the time to leave a comment that brings peace and healing.

  11. Sears Homes

    @S. Patricia Morris
    “Brave Warrior Princess of the King!” – I like it. A lot. I feel like I’ve been on the ropes for years. Maybe it’s time to come out swingin’ and stop acting like I’m on the wrong side.

    Some days, I’m driving down a beautiful rural road, looking at the beautiful skies and just thinking, “I was in heaven. I died. I stopped breating. And yet here I am.”

    Last week, a dear friend said, “You’re a mystic now.” I said, “I am?” He said, “Yes, the definition of a mystic is someone who has had a direct experience with The Holy Spirit. You’ve had that.”

    I’m still wrapping my mind around that.

  12. Krista Baker

    What an amazing experience you have had.

    I often wonder if there is support enough for those who have experienced Heaven and then, armed with the knowledge of a perfect world, must integrate back into this one.

    It must be both wonderful AND difficult at the same time.

    I’m so looking forward to hearing more of your story!!!

  13. Cathy

    Reading your blog entries. Caring about your entire story and wishing you well. I hope you laughed today.

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