Thus Begins The New Chapter…

I died. But apparently, it was only a “temporary death experience.” I’m hesitant to use the word “near-death experience” because I was good and dead. No vitals for more than 10 minutes. Seriously, completely gone. Kapoot. Out-of-town with no forwarding address.

Good times. (Actually, it really was a great time!)

And in case you’re a faithful reader of this blog, this explains (in large part) the many, draconian life-style changes. Once you get a view of what’s coming, nothing on earth seems quite the same.

Want to learn more about what happens when a loved one has an NDE? Click here.


More sunflowers

I didn’t see this in heaven, but I do hope that when I get through that door, and see what awaits, that it’s going to look a lot like a sunflower field in Alabama.




  1. Gemma

    Heaven is the heart of the Creator. The Benedictines speak of moving to another room, if I remember correctly.

  2. Dale Wolicki

    Best of luck on the new lecture.

    If you see empty chairs at the back of the lecture hall remember your biggest fans and best friends would be sitting there laughing and cheering could they be in Williamsburg that afternoon.

  3. Sabina Pade

    Am very glad you failed… to stay dead!

  4. Martha McClanahan

    Rosemary, your courage continues to inspire me.

    I’d fill the pews with my crew of seven if only I could get there!!!