Blame Canada…

Every now and then, I get requests to ship my book out of the U.S., and typically, I refund the buyer’s money (go Paypal), and call it a day.

But last month, this nice fellow talked me into shipping a couple books to Canada, and I hesitantly did so, explaining that the postage would be a lot more than the $5 charged at the website.

He agreed to pay the extra shipping cost, which turned out to be $25.15! And – this is much worse – I couldn’t “click and ship” and send the books out via my mail box, but I had to peel off the bunny slippers, put on real shoes and GO INTO THE POST OFFICE and engage with society.

Unfortunately, Nice Fellow couldn’t get quite manage the extra funds via paypal, so he sent me a money order for $25.15 in American dollars.

Last week, I took that money order to my local bank (again, sans bunny slippers), and I think there would have been less commotion if I’d handed the teller a hastily scribbled note with the words “Give me all your money now.”

After much consternation, I was given $25.15 in cash, per my request.

Today, the branch manager called.

“M’am, did you know that there’s a $50 fee for cashing an international money order?”

I replied as one might expect.

Fortunately, the bank waived the fee this time but it cements my theory that shipping anything internationally is simply not worth the effort.

It just made me appreciate Paypal even more.


My books are shipped right from my house which is very convenient. Here's a stack going out in yesterday's mail.

My books are shipped right from my house which is very convenient. Here's a stack going out in yesterday's mail. No more international sales for moi!


Not a lot of these left anyway!

Not a lot of these left anyway!


To learn more about Sears kit homes, click here.



  1. Susan Schnittger

    Wait a minute, AFTER your transaction they informed you of a charge? No no no no.

    Good thing they decided to waive it. That’s just stupid.

    And I agree, shipping international is always a pain.

  2. Dale Wolicki

    But you fooled him because there are no Sears Houses in Canada! (No Returns. All Sales Final)

    And if you saw the tweet from Bill Nye the Science Guy the other night, they don’t have railroads or streets either, which is not true cause I have been to Canada and seen them but I did not see any Sears Houses.

  3. Linda Freeman

    I read that the place where you cash your money order can gouge you, but the bank should have told you this first! Too tacky!!

    Bravo that the bank backed down from the charge.

    Yes, there are Sears Kit Homes in Canada as this website proves. Rosemary’s name is listed in the website.

    Rose’s reply:

    Linda, you’re right! It’s an Alhambra!! And such a pretty one!

  4. Justin Paris


  5. Jenny

    Wow! I wouldn’t have guess that international buying and shipping was so expensive and complicated.

    Your running low comments have finally motivated me to by my own copy of Finding the Houses that Sears Built.

    I think it will be more useful than Houses by Mail. Can’t wait until it comes!

  6. Dale Wolicki

    Someone obviously traded high quality Canadian beer and whiskey for a Prohibition-era Sears Alhambra.

    Dale admits he is frequently proven wrong. You know that better than anyone else.

  7. Nice Man From Canada


    I am he of whom you speak.

    I have not been back to your web site since I bought your thoroughly enjoyable book. I was unaware of what happened when you cashed the money order. Please you should have written. The bank service charge was robbery.

    Please, email me and I will send you the cash as it sounds like you have changed locations.


    PS. Sears houses ARE very common in western Canada.