Road Trip!

I’m thinking about hitting the road, and taking a long trip.

In the last few weeks, I’ve met so many wonderful people (all of whom are history lovers) and each and every one of those people have brought me such a blessing. Each encounter has lifted me up a bit, and helped speed my progress.

These days, I crave beauty and light.

Maybe I need to go looking for beauty and light, and see what I find. It might be great fun to go meet new people and see new sights and look at old kit homes, and just see what happens along the way.

Someone even mentioned, it might make for an interesting series of blogs: Seeking Sears Homes and Finding Peace.

I’ll be leaving my home in Suffolk, Virginia in a few weeks and heading south and then west. If you’ve got a beautiful old soul, a passion for history, a heart full of love for the weary wanderer, and an appreciation for us creative types and you’d like to meet The Author Formerly Known As Rose, please leave a comment below.



Boo asks, will you come to my party? Maybe the question is, Can I come to YOUR party?


Perhaps its time to take my love of houses on the road.

Perhaps it's time to take my love of houses on the road.


My father

My father thought he was posing me for a picture, but I was actually assessing the thermal efficiency of these original wood windows. If only I'd been able to talk, I could have given them an ear full.


These days, I crave beauty and light. Intensely.

These days, I crave beauty and light. Intensely.



  1. Rachel J Shoemaker

    You know you are always welcome to visit here again!

    This time, we’ll drive down to Idabel to see the only known (at this time) Sears 303 and I’m sure we can get in to see it with enough notice.

    It will be a day trip, we can pull off in the little towns along the way and see if we get lucky!

  2. Gemma

    We can go see if these houses really are kit homes.

    A local historian says some are. After seeing the Wardway book, I think we have a string of them on Lexington Ave.

  3. Jenny

    If you come this way, I’d love to meet you! I’m about 90 minutes from the WV Magnolia / Maybe Magnolia. I don’t know of any kit homes near me (maybe you could find some?), just a few Lustrons.

    The picture of the house being moved made me smile.

    I had to pull over this morning for an oversized load that was coming through and was nearly late for work. Now I’m glad it wasn’t a house sized load, or I’d probably still be sitting in traffic!

    Wherever the road takes you, I hope you blog about it so we can enjoy a bit of the adventure too. I love travel blogs! (Or write a book, I also love travel books!)

    Safe travels!

  4. Clsire

    Hi Rosemary! My name is Claire, and my family and I live near Gainesville, Florida.

    We believe we have a Walton but we would love to visit with you regardless.

    Just let us know when you can come! We love history, weary wanderers and creative types!

  5. Justin Paris

    Well, if you end up in the vicinity of Hobart, Indiana, (next to Chicago) I’d be happy to meet you too!

  6. Kathryn

    We have been researching what kit was used for our home in NC, built 1930, and believe it is a Howard Kit.

    Is there anyway I can send you a photo to try and confirm using your expert knowledge in this area? My thanks…