Built in 1907? It is NOT a Sears House!

Why do all the wrong things go viral?

This 1907-built farm house (shown below) is being promoted online as a Sears Kit Home and there’s so much wrong with that. And that post – with an accompanying photo – has gone viral on Facebook.

Sears didn’t offer their first “Modern Homes” catalog until 1908. And there’s this: There’s nothing about this house that has any resemblance to anything offered by any kit home company.


NOT a Sears House!

NOT a Sears House, and yet this image is spreading far and wide via the internet.


Dolly and I get exasperated sometimes...

Dolly reacts to the picture above.



  1. Dale Wolicki

    Well Duh! That’s obviously a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

  2. Gemma

    I think, perhaps, if you could add the dates (1908-whenever) under your banner “Sears Modern Homes” it would go a long way to correcting this issue.

    One glance at that, and folks should be auto-corrected.

  3. Susan Schnittger

    The first thing that occurred to me was that this was quite a farmhouse for its time.

    It seems rather large!

  4. Jan

    First I am laughing at the picture of Dolly banging her head on the table and then read Dale’s witty comment and now I am doubled over in laughter!

  5. Winifred Kovacik

    My childhood home is Sears’ “The Hartford”. I was just born – 1932 – when the kit was purchased and erected in my grandfather’s orchard. It is six miles west from the center of Dayton, Ohio (Third and Main Sts) and is on the northwest corner of West Third St and Holler Rd. It was sold at auction in 1999 after my mother’s death. My mother saved original lists of components, receipt for check sent to them by Sears to reimburse expense of concrete purchased. It was a wonderful wonderful home. Sadly, the original farm neighborhood deteriorated and the house,
    although still there needs a lot of repairs.

  6. Nicolle Lee

    Hello –

    Does anyone have any blueprints or plans for an upper addition on the Starlight model bungalow?

  7. Carole Strick

    I live in a Four square concrete block house that was built in 1905. It is an exact duplicate of Modern Home no 52 on page 13 of your book. It even has texturized block. I know it isn’t a Modern home based on the date built but I would like to know more about the plan itself and whether or not I can locate a book that has that plan in it. I see that you mention that books exist.