Last Chance to Buy Before Christmas – and Maybe Ever!

“The Houses That Sears Built” was first published in April 2002, and since then, I’ve traveled to more than 25 states, for research, surveys and lectures. It’s been a fun run.

As of today, December 8, 2018, I’ve got 52 copies of this book on hand. After they’re sold, that’s it. There won’t be more reprints.

On the heels of a health-related issue, I had the opportunity to step back and take a long look at my life, and and it’s time for new adventures.

If you’d like to purchase a book, they can be purchased here or at Amazon.

An interesting aside: After the first of the year, I’m going to take a road trip. If you have a splendiferous kit home that you’d like to share, invite me over! 😉

Want to learn more about Sears Homes? Click here.


Richard Warren Sears would not be pleased.


Dolly and I get exasperated sometimes...

Sometimes, it feels like Dolly and I are soul mates.



Not a lot of books left in my capacious garage!


Another Picture

Seabiscuit and I are ready to hit the road.


Want to learn more about Sears Homes? Click here.



  1. Gemma

    Just ordered all five, dear Rosie!

    Which bungalow had the rectangular roof braces?

    Just noticed those on a house down the street from the other houses that look “kit.”

  2. Dale Wolicki

    The Scratch & Dent Cat Hostel of Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills in Michigan) is doing some remodeling but would welcome you visiting any time.

  3. Sears Homes

    @Dale Wolicki
    LOL. I’m eager to visit the Scratch and Dent Cat Hostel of Beverly Hills (Michigan). I see there are direct flights from ORF to DTW! 😉

  4. Martha McClanahan


    I am so grateful that you stumbled into my life. When my sister bought what she thought might be a Walton in Florida, her enthusiasm for Sears homes and for your expertise on the subject plunged me into a world I’d never even considered.

    You may think it an overstatement to say that the following 15 years were then shaped by this introduction to Sears homes, but it is not.

    Outside of the delight I feel in learning through your books and website, I have been deeply shaped by your personal experiences.

    You will not believe me, but I cannot stress with enough impact, the gratitude I feel for the ways in which “you being you” has changed my life.

    If you are driving through West Virginia sometime, I would be honored to host you for awhile.

    We could drive to Pt. Pleasant, where I can point out one of my favorites: a sweet little Walton.

    If not, please know that someone in West Virginia knows your name, loves your book, and says a prayer for you every day.

  5. Martha McClanahan

    Btw, another wonderful West Virginia town to consider visiting is Eleanor! This little New Deal community is very well preserved, and it’s so close to me!

    Then there’s Nitro and Charleston….well, you get the idea!

  6. Dale Wolicki

    Martha, I don’t think Rose has seen Nitro, which was built of prefabricated Minter Homes made in Huntington West Virginia. I have a rare Minter Homes catalog that allowed me to identify a few buildings, but Rose would identify the rest.

  7. Sears Homes

    Sandi, Ersela and I all went through Nitro years ago! Great place and a great name for a town. It’s just a shame that it never experienced “explosive growth”!

  8. Joe

    Hi Rosemary- Thanks for the reminder!

    Just grabbed my long overdue copy of your book and can’t wait!

    We don’t have a kit home…. but would absolutely love to show you our Baby Arlington and give you a tour of Old Hickory if you make it down this way 🙂

    We’ve explored every inch of Old Hickory in person and “google maps roadtripped” through our neighborhoods counterparts in the NE.

    I think you would be in heaven here! Feel free to drop me a line if you will be making it by here. Would love to connect!

  9. Martha

    @Dale Wolicki
    Awesome! The manager’s homes are my favorite!

  10. Martha McClanahan

    Dale, are there any digital images of the Minter Homes laying around in the internet somewhere?

  11. Gary R Halasey

    Rosemary, I have some documents regarding my paternal grandfather who had purchased a Sears and Roebuck kit back between 1926-1929.

    I have a certificate and some other documentation, but I am trying to find the MODEL of the house. It is NOT POSSIBLE for me to go there as of now (too dangerous).

    It is located at 352 North 82nd street in East St. Louis, Illinois. Is it possible somehow for me to send you the documents and maybe you or somebody else can identify ?

    Thank you very much for all of your hard work.. It would be awesome to be able to meet you some day in the near future ! Preserve history !

  12. Rachel J Shoemaker

    @Gary R Halasey
    I identified this a few days ago when Gary contacted me. It’s a Sears Sunlight.

    I sent him a digital high-resolution copy.

  13. Gemma

    @GaryRHalasey, I just looked at GoogleEarth. There’s nothing but an open field there now.

    Even the house to the left of it, shown in aerial shots, is gone.

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