That’s What Happens When I Don’t Pay Attention…

As mentioned in a prior blog, I spent more than three months dealing with a little health issue, and during that time, I stopped paying attention to the inventory of my books at Amazon.

Last night, I realized that I hadn’t sold any books through Amazon for a time, so I went online, and here’s what I saw:



My book - brand new and signed by moi - is offered at Amazon (by me) for under $40. When that inventory was depleted, this was the "lowest price" offered on the book. This seems mighty steep, and it's not SIGNED by me!



And this one is selling *USED* for $149.


Due to the bankruptcy of Sears, I’ve had a lot of media attention, and hopefully now, I’ll sell the rest of these books. Due to my own “encounter with the divine,” I’ve decided to make some dramatic changes in my life. As these books sell off, that’s the end of an era. My days of hauling around 40+ pound boxes of books are over.

And did I mention that they make a wonderful Christmas gift?  😀

Learn more here.



  1. Dale Wolicki

    And we still got boxes of Wardway Homes books!

  2. Dick Dinges

    Thinking of you, and praying for you daily. I will phone you tomorrow. (It’s too late tonight.)

    The words to the song came to mind: When you’re smiling. When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you. When you’re laughing, when you’re laughing, the sun comes shining through.

    But when you’re crying, you bring on the rain, so stop your sighing – be happy again. Keep on smiling, ’cause when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.

    I’m smiling, and you’re part of the whole world. I hope you can smile with me.

  3. Sandi daniel

    I have all your books, Rosemary, and wouldn’t sell them for any price.

    I bet I refer back to these a zillion times over the year. Even keep copies in my car so I can check out suspect houses.

    I hope you get to keep the higher prices these books are fetching!!

  4. buck mahon

    Hi, So glad to see your love of the Sears Homes especially the Magnolia. I painted and restored the exterior of the one in Canton Ohio in the early 80s.

    I had no idea that it was a Sears home prior to that.

    I just loved the Architecture of the house when i first saw it. At the time it was in terrible condition. I approached the owner and asked if i could paint it because i could not stand for such a beautiful house to look so bad.

    He was not even planning on doing it. I had to sell it to him and the color scheme (which I chose). And now, I’m glad to see – from your photos here – that it’s still the same colors.

    At the time it was all white and peeling badly and had a lot of broken windows.

    I I recall correctly, there are about 2,400 panes of glass in that house (inside and out), and I reglazed about 700 of them.

    I told the owner i would restore the house to be the most beautiful house on the street and i did. And it is.

    I think I charged him $1700 for the job. Today I would charge $17,000 for the amount of work I did.

    I was all but finished with the project when i learned it was a Sears home which really deepened my love for her. I have painted so many houses in Canton as I was born and raised there.

    Needless to say, of every house I’ve ever worked on, the Magnolia was my favorite.

    I moved to Florida a few years later and have not seen the house for probably 20 years. You can bet that my next trip back to Canton next summer i will visit her and hopefully speak with the owners.

    I was in Key West yesterday staying at the Amsterdam-Curry Mansion BnB on Caroline St which reminded me of the Magnolia. With Sears going out of business, it inspired me to google this topic and I found you.

    Thanks for sharing your love for the catalog homes.

    I always wondered how many of the Magnolias’ are still standing. I would love to re-create and build one of these Magnolia homes as close to original as i can with today’s codes and standards. It would be an amazing labor of love for me.

    Thank you again for sharing.

  5. Helle

    I know it’s not about the Sears home and the topic of this wonderful website, but would you consider making available the online dating book, too?

    I’ve heard great things about it, but I live in Europe and it’s impossible to get in public libraries, and it is sold out in online stores.