My Beautiful Daughter Singing a Beautiful Song

One of my top three favorite people is singing one of my top three favorite songs: “God is Love.”

I was in Boston recently and got to see my middle daughter and my grandson, and it was a little bit of heaven. I have so many reasons to be proud of her, but one of the highlights was watching in awe as she pulled out her tools and disassembled an electric piano, disconnected some internal electrical wiring and replaced several stuck keys on the keyboard. She then reassembled the piano and when she was done, it worked flawlessly.

She’s an accomplished pianist and pianist repair person!

To read more about Sears kit homes, click here.

And heres a beautiful picture to go with a beautiful song.

And here's a beautiful picture to go with a beautiful song. It's from Douthat State Park.



  1. Dale Wolicki

    Ah! An inherited skilled no doubt. I recall you have a degree in auto mechanics and during your brief career flipping houses (and that was way back in the days before HGTV!), you mastered the skill of repairing appliances damaged by previous owners.

  2. Donna Rosenbloom

    Hi, I noticed back in 2014 you wrote several entries about Sears Homes being in Hopewell, Virginia.

    I was born and raised in Hopewell. I still live in the area (about a 45 minute drive from Hopewell).

    If you need me to go and take pictures of any homes there, I will be happy to do so. I’ve provided my email in the box above.

  3. Gemma

    We are finding the beauty in life again ourselves. Good on all of Our Dear Rosie’s family!

  4. Jan

    Beautifully done! What a lovely song and watching your daughter at the piano was delightful. You have much to proud of and I thank you for sharing your daughter with us.

  5. Jenny

    Beautiful! I also really enjoyed her rendition of “His eye is on the sparrow”.

  6. JESSE

    Hello again, I’m sorry to keep writing on your comments, but I cannot seem to find an email on this website to write to you personally. I bought one of your sears kit home books a couple of days back, as of today I have received no confirmation from you that payment was received or when I can anticipate receiving the book. Can you please confirm. Also, and this may not be related, but my credit identity was stolen almost immediately after using your payment page, I would suggest you check into the security of your payment page, as you may have been hacked.