Penniman: A Fun and Fascinating Talk in Richmond on July 18th!

The fun starts at 5:30, but if you come early, you can meet the author (that’d be moi).

The talk (a PowerPoint presentation with more than 140 vintage photos) is at the Library of Virginia (in Richmond), at 800 East Broad Street.

Free parking can be found underneath the library.

Penniman is truly an awe-inspiring story about a World War One munitions plant in Virginia that has been forgotten and almost lost to history. At its peak, more than 15,000 people occupied the village of Penniman.

DuPont’s 37th munitions plant was staffed by mostly women, who worked assiduously to load TNT into 155mm and 75mm shells.

Please come out and learn more about this lost chapter of Virginia’s history!

To read more about Penniman, click here.

Learn about one of the war workers here.



His initials are "SC" and he started work on Spetember 10, 1918, but who is this young man?



This fob (issued by DuPont) was worn on the worker's lapel, and it also helped quickly identify him as a munitions worker when he was out and about in Williamsburg. Young men who were not at the front were known as "slackers" and it was a pejorative.



After Penniman closed, the houses were put on barges and moved to nearby communities. More than 60 ended up in Norfolk, Virginia. We're still missing more than 100 Penniman houses. Is there one in your neighborhood?



Penniman was vital to the war effort, and yet its story has been lost to time.



Rose will sell (and sign) books after the talk.


To read more about Penniman, click here.



  1. Gemma

    God’s graces go with you, dear Rosie, for this next presentation! Don’t forget something for the tummy, though!

  2. Sears Homes

    Thanks, Gemma.

    I’m already nervous about this and having some anxiety. I hope the old Rosemary does return some day. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have given a second thought to giving this talk. Now, it’s keeping me up at night. :/

  3. Jenny

    You are going to do great! Plan something fun for after your talk, too, perhaps dinner or pie and ice cream.

  4. Sears Homes

    I like pie. A lot. 😀

  5. Gemma

    Our dear Rosie, are you there?

  6. Sears Homes

    I made it! The lecture was well-received and a very impressive crowd, but I’m mighty glad it’s over.

  7. Sabina Pade

    Very happy to know it went well!

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