Penniman Par-TAY! It’s DONE!

Updated! Good lecture. Good times.  😀

Ghost Towns.

Virginia History.

Phenomenal Personal Sacrifice.

Women workers.

And a devastating epidemic that wiped out so many workers that the local cemeteries ran out of space.

Penniman has all of these elements and more, and it’s a great story that needs to be told.

On Saturday, May 26, 2018, I’m giving a talk on Penniman at the James City County Library, at 2:00 pm.


If you’re able, please attend and learn more about this forgotten chapter of Virginia’s history!

To learn more about Penniman, click here.

Bricks from the Penniman smokestack were salvaged to build a school for African-American children.


My information on Penniman is always expanding and changing! Last week, I obtained this Penniman fob on Ebay.

The information on Penniman is always expanding and changing! Last week, I obtained this Penniman fob on Ebay. This fob would have been worn by the workers at the DuPont plant, six miles outside of Williamsburg. Who is this young man? How I wish that I knew.



The rear of the fob shows more detail.



Come learn about Penniman!


To learn more about Penniman, click here.



  1. Gemma

    I hope and pray that you get a good crowd. I’d be there myself if I could. Cute car name!

  2. Sears Homes

    Thanks, Gemma.

    I’m going to get in C-Biscuit and drive down to North Carolina one day and meet you. How do you feel about that? 😉

    And you know it cracks me up (and makes my day) that you read the tags!

  3. Gemma

    I have to refresh the page to get the tags to all show. Usually, the comment box is right smack dab in the middle of them.

    I think I just spotted a modified Walton on the way home from an errand yesterday. A few blocks from that I think there’s a Roanoke.

    You have my email addy! Just give me a heads-up!

  4. Jenny

    C-Biscuit is a fun name for a car!

    The ID tag is a really cool find. I think little things like that help to bring the story to life.

    I had to google airplane doping.

    I hope your talk goes well!

  5. Dale Wolicki

    Darn! I was bidding on that fob!

  6. S. Dunn

    I hope this was well attended. I live off of Penniman Road just next to Ft. Magruder and stumbled upon the story of Penniman this evening.

    I had no idea! I’m bummed I literally just found out this the town and your talk a mere hours after you spoke. Hopefully there could be another talk soon?

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