“Finding The Houses That Sears Built” – Available While Quantities Last!

One of the many casualties of The Very Bad Thing™ were my book sales, but for many months following Wayne’s death, I didn’t care about anything.

Last week, someone pointed out that the price of Finding The Houses That Sears Built – now out of print – had hit crazy new heights. I logged into a popular website for books and was astonished to see that this modest tome – used – was fetching more than $145. The cost of a new copy was $495, for a book with an original cover price of $19.95.

I went out into the garage and dug around in some boxes (of which there are many), and found that I had about 15 copies of this title. (Note: This sounds simple but it was quite complex. I’m currently “camped out” in a rental and surrounded by boxes!)

So for now, while supplies last, this book will be offered for sale for $44.95 plus $5 shipping and handling. All orders are shipped out via priority mail.

To order a copy, click here.


Finding The Houses That Sears Built

When I logged onto this website, I was shocked to see that "Finding The Houses That Sears Built" had a "low price" of $145. That's pretty incredible. And the cost for a NEW book was $495.



Prices ranged from $145 to more than $300. That's just incredible.



Teddy the Dog wants you to know that there are only a few copies available.



On a different note, I may need an intervention. I keep buying stuffed horses.


Yes, I now have six little horsies, but there will always only be one Horsie™

Yes, I now have six little horsies, but there will always only be the original classic "Horsie."™


Want to learn how to identify Sears Homes? Click here.


Thanks for reading my blog. And thanks for leaving a comment. Every day, I read and re-read every kind word left at this site, and every kind word helps put another salutary stitch in my shattered and broken heart.

Teddy and I thank you for your kindness and your prayers.



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  1. KatrinaK

    I think that if buying stuffed horses make you feel better, you should feel free to buy a whole herd of them.

    I hope things get better for you.

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