Photobucket is Down – Again. Updated on 8/2017 and 12/2018.

I’ve deleted the blog that was at this spot, which gave the “back story” to my husband’s multiple betrayals to his wife, his family, and everyone who thought that they knew him.

My husband made a series of very poor choices throughout his life, and his final decision was the worst of all – to commit suicide.

From this point forward, I won’t use this blog to promote the misery that he tried to inflict.



  1. Rachel Shoemaker

    I have flickr and have linked to a few flickr images myself on my blog. Flickr does maintenance once in a blue moon, in the wee hours of the morning usually, but I NEVER seen it go down!

  2. KatrinaK

    I got fed up with Photobucket and moved to Smugmug earlier this year. Thus far I really like Smugmug. They even have a tool for importing from Photobucket that worked well for me once I got its developer to fix a bug that I found in it.

  3. davemarsteller

    I would reccomend looking at setting up your own server 🙂

  4. Roger Duroid

    That is quite a story Rose.

    Keep up the recovery. I know you have children, grandchildren, and Teddy that need you healthy for many years.

  5. Christie

    Hi, Rose,

    I came across this tonight as I was searching for Magnolias. It is not by chance that I came across this blog.

    I wanted to let you know that you are being prayed for.

  6. Sears Homes

    Thanks so much, Christie.

    If there’s one blessing of this website, it’s that I have been the recipient of much love, compassion and prayers throughout this ordeal.

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, and thank you for your prayers.

  7. Missi Nussbaum

    I stumbled over your website tonight looking up kit houses. I’m not knowledgeable about the subject, just intrigued and curious, and the rabbithole led me to your site.

    Two hours have passed as I read back through your entries, knowing I would eventually reach this one and dreading it. I’m so sorry for your loss, and for what you have been through since his passing.

    I’ll add you both into my prayers. But I want to offer another take on why he did what he did – fighting with you like that, before he died. Maybe he hoped to make you hate him, so that when he was gone, it might be easier for you.

    People can think such stupid things when in the grip of a depression, and suicidal people are not in their right minds at such a time.

    That fight and those cruel words might have been an attempt to spare you suffering, in some awful, inane way.

    Maybe he so hated himself, that he thought he could make you hate him, too. And then you might not mourn his passing.

    Try not to dwell on what happened at the end. He was not well, and not himself.

  8. Fifitrixiebelle

    I own a Uriel and am about to have it painted. I bought your book, The Houses that Sears Built, and I’ve been reading about the Sears Houses.

    I also made my way to this post. I am so sorry, Rosemary.

    Subsequent posts seem to indicate that you are coping better and better with time.

    If Wayne was suffering from depression, a physical disease, I’m sure that very little of what he did really had anything to do with you.

  9. Lydia Jasper

    Hi, Rosemary, I just read your post on your husband’s passing.

    I have never had to deal with a suicide, but it appears to be the worst one can have to deal with. The survivors I mean. The guilt (all the what if’s), the sheer loss…I cannot imagine your pain.

    But I can say thank you for sharing your thoughts and your heart, though broken. Your courage and spirit is beautiful.

    It appears you’re mending some and coping better as time goes on…I hope so.

  10. Kitty Conklin

    I just watched the CBS evening news and there was a story on Sears Kit Homes.

    I said to my husband that this wasn’t a complete story because Rosemary Thornton wasn’t mentioned.

    I’m an old home owner and have followed your work through the last 16-17 yrs.

    So, for old time’s sake, I came to this website, not expecting to find this blog.

    You have provided inspiration to my husband and I over 3 old homes. I hope that you are continuing to move forward because there are so many like us who really admire you from afar.

    My wish is that you are able to reattain continued happiness. You deserve it!

  11. Jenny

    Somehow I missed the updates to this post.

    I am at a loss for words.

    I have no sage advice to offer or experiences to relate. I am glad to read that you are finding healing and I will continue to pray that you find peace and happiness.

  12. Sears Homes

    Thanks, Jenny. It’s actually worse than what I can post publicly.

    I am struggling so hard to just survive.

  13. Laura J.

    I came upon your site while researching a magazine story on a possible Sears kit home in Alvin, Texas — I know the chances of it being a true Sears kit home are probably slim, but I’m hopeful.

    I read your post regarding The Bad Thing, and all the things you should or shouldn’t say to someone who’s suffered through a Bad Thing.

    I won’t pretend to think I could know what you’ve suffered and are still working through.

    I do know one thing, though: we are each responsible for the things we do and in no way could you be responsible or at fault for The Bad Thing. He chose The Bad Thing, not you.

    Also, those idiots who say God doesn’t give us more than we can handle are, well, idiots.

    My personal thought is that He doesn’t GIVE us these things, but when they happen, we more fully realize just how much we need Him.

    May God’s presence and comfort be more fully apparent in your life with each day as you travel this path.

  14. Sears Homes

    Thanks, Laura.

    You’re right: People who say that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle are fools. And if anyone really believes that, they need to keep it to themselves.

    During this horrible time, the people that have helped me the most are those who themselves have known the deepest sorrows. I’ve met people that required 20+ years to heal from a tragedy of this magnitude.

    Thank you so much for your comments.

  15. Laura - Southern California


    I haven’t touched base in a couple years, as life has thrown me into sandwich responsibilities (Dementia Mother, who never loved me, but I help her), my husband’s multiple ocular surgeries, and a host of other vicissitudes, but now that I am caught up, I am lost for words.

    First, you are a very warm, sincere, thoughtful, intelligent, class act, and I am devastated to hear of your “dark tale of betrayal.”

    Some people are so good at deception, even us sensitive intuitive types miss it.

    Please know that you are incapable of being anything dark, including a shrew.

    You are a remarkable human, and that isn’t built upon religion, that is hard work built on self policing, integrity, and real morality.

    You are wonderful you, because you made a choice to have good character. Wayne, evidently, didn’t match your spiritual light.

    I cannot in fathom your heartbreak, and I’ll not comment on the third party. (This is a family friendly blog.)

    When I was in Junior High, my friend, Barbara ,committed suicide.

    I still remember it, and it taught me, sometimes life isn’t “and they lived happily ever after.”

    My 21 yo sister died suddenly (30 yrs ago), so I’ve had my share of life isn’t fair.

    Your story touched the core of my soul. I am so sorry for the way you were treated, and I hope life is getting better, and you surround yourself with loving people.

    You sent me something during a very dark time in my life. You are such a sweetheart.

    You are preserving American History. You are at the level of Studs Terkel, giving a voice to Sears Kit Homes, and Kit Homes in general. Besides that virtue, you’re a terrific lady, and my heart is heavy for the hell you’ve been through.

    So Ca

  16. Veronica Anne

    I also just came across your blog about the “Bad Thing”. I hope you are healing. I hope you are doing what gives you joy. I hope you are living your life peacefully.

  17. Kriss

    Thank you for having the will to live on. Because of that, the women of Penniman will also live on.

  18. Sears Homes

    Thank you so much, Kriss. I have been despondent at times and have struggled through the hours, and it’s been a horrific battle. Thank you for understanding and for leaving a comment.

  19. Jo

    Looking for floor plan for Jim Walter Home built in 1958 for my grandmother. The style was called “twosome”.

    It was a small, one bed, one bath house. Anyone have this floor plan or know where I might find it, please?



    Rose, I happened upon this post while looking for information on the Alhambra.

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss and your struggles.

    I hope you are able to climb out of this sorrowful hole. I am sending you positive vibes and wish you nothing but the best in the future. (((❤️)))

  21. Matt

    I read this. I came having recently, last week, passed through Cairo, Illinois, and seeing how things had progressed since I first went through in 2007 (near;y every building on Commercial St downtown has been demolished). Once home, I listened to the 99% Invisible podcast about Sears homes which mentioned Cairo as the place so many were produced and also built. Then I searched for Cairo IL Sears homes and ran into this blog, and after reading about a couple of houses, followed this link.

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m not sure thoughts and prayers help at all, so all I can do is say I’m sorry. I hope life gets better for you, that you find solace. I cannot imagine the pain and hurt you must have felt and must still be feeling, and hope it all gets better as time goes on.

  22. Traci

    I came upon your post while looking to see if any Sears Homes were located in Toledo, Ohio.

    I want to say that I pray you have found a sense of closure and healing after all you’ve endured.

    They say that God gives his hardest struggles to his strongest warriors. Stay prayerful.

  23. Margaret

    I found this accidentally because I was looking for Sears homes. I like architecture. I like history, and they meet so nicely in old homes!

    I’m so sorry that your life contained this awful blow.

    I think grief over a death like this one is very complicated, and I know I would be terribly angry! But you loved him!

    I think in pictures sometimes, and I am seeing the recent Alaska earthquake. I imagine what you experienced would be like life as you knew it suddenly turning to sand and crumbling and falling away, leaving devastation and questions about what is real and what can be trusted.

    Only your situation was worse because not mere physical things crumbled, but a trusted relationship, as well as a life lost. (Please forgive me if that is a bad analogy, it’s how I imagine it.)

    Prayers for finding a new normal, for hope to be firmly planted in your heart, for the ability to see beauty where you encounter it, for strength to reject destructive thoughts which try to haunt you, and for loving friends to remain part of your life.

  24. Sears Homes

    Thank you so much for that lovely comment. Thank you for your prayers, too. They mean the world to me – they really do.

    Thank you! And everything you said is so very accurate.

  25. Rebekah

    I’m so sorry you went through all that. What he did was despicable and I am glad you have realized that it had nothing to do with you. Selfish people do selfish things.

    I hope you have people in your life that were able to help you through it.

    From what I have seen through your posts you are a very sweet and funny person.

    You are none of the things he tried to portray you as and I’m sure all those close to you knew what that woman said was not true. I hope you are able to fully heal from this.

  26. Em C.R.

    I stumbled across this as my growing love for home kit houses led me into further research (I’m 33, and recently discovered many of the old homes I have admired and adored in my familys home town are actually kit homes).

    I am so, so sorry you went through this, and so in awe of your strength.

    I don’t have words to express the sympathy and admiration you should be given, but I hope you the best of everything in your future, and want to thank you for these awesome blogs.

    There is a home in the town where I work (Chester SC) that looks a LOT like the Magnolia you have featured here, how would one go about confirming a home is from a kit or not besides bothering the owners? (I’m a bit shy of walking up to knock on a strangers door).

  27. Michelle

    Hello Rose,

    I am so sorry to read of your awful experience. I too have felt great sorrow at life’s events, and the pain and despair they cause. I hope you are healing as well as possible and you will be in my thoughts.

    I only discovered what a sears kit home was a few weeks ago.

    I am from and live in England and your research has absolutely fasincated me. I am becoming obsessed! I came upon this post when searching for more information about Magnolias.

    You are an inspiring and brilliant person, and I hope you find happiness again soon,


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