Hmmm…Whom Do We Know in Ohio?

Preferably near Convoy, Ohio (or Dixon, Indiana) and specifically at 12716 S. State Line Road. This is the site of yet another Sears Hillrose, which Rachel Shoemaker found with a little detective work.

Turns out that State Line Road is so named because it marks the boundary between Indiana and Ohio.

Thanks to Rachel, we have a picture of the Hillrose on State Line Road, but it’s from the assessor’s website and it has its limitations. Nonetheless, a crummy picture is incomparably better than no picture, so I’m very grateful that Rachel was able to find this image.

The reason I’m so enchanted by this house is that it appears to have its original siding, windows and porch – three big pluses.

Now, if we just knew someone who lived close enough to get us a few good pictures of this Hillrose on State Line Road! (And, there’s another one in Antwerp, Ohio which isn’t that far away from Convoy!)

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beaut 1916

The Hillrose as seen in the 1916 Sears Modern Homes catalog.



What a beauty! An interesting note: The front door on this house is not centered. That, with about a dozen other unusual features, makes this house easy to identify.


Hillrose built in West Lafayette, IN

This Hillrose was built about 15 years ago (2000) in West Lafayette, Indiana. It's a modern recreation of an old classic, and has a few embellishments and upgrades.



Last August, the owners of this glorious Hillrose invited me to come see their home. It's in Brandy Station, Virginia (about three hours northwest of Norfolk, VA) and it's in wonderful condition.



Carrie Milam found this old Hillrose in Griffith, Indiana. Sadly, the front porch is MIA. Photo is copyright 2015 Greg Decker and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.



And here's our sweet little Hillrose in Dixon, Ohio. Many thanks to Rachel for finding this photo at the city assessor's website. The Hillrose retains its original windows, siding and porch, which just makes me swoon. Perhaps best of all, that tiny closet window (2nd floor) is still in place! My kingdom for a few dozen photos of this treasure!


Ruh Roh. Street view shows this house isnt feeling too well.

Ruh Roh. Street view shows this house isn't feeling too well. Google shows it as Convoy, Ohio.



I'm starting to wonder if this sweet thing is still among the living.


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  1. Rachel Shoemaker

    The Hiillrose in Monroeville Indiana and Antwerp Ohio are about 20 miles apart.

    According to the assessor websites they are both still there. Perhaps a reader can get photos of both of them for us! šŸ™‚

  2. Kristin

    Hi! I was just trying to research and learn more about the Hillrose house and was shocked when I came across these pictures.

    I live in the Hillrose house on Stateline.

    The last three pictures you have posted are all of my house. The first one is posted as Dixon, OH and the last two are Conoy, OH. It is however, the same house.

  3. Colt

    These houses are packed full of great history. There so many things to research about these houses. I live in the one in Antwerp. If I can find a way to post pictures I will.