Aladdin Kit Homes – Build Your Own


No profound and loquacious blogs today: Just a very cool advertisement from 1915.


But whats really interesting is when you zoom in a bit on the prices.

But what's really interesting is when you zoom in a bit on the prices.


And zoom in just a bit more...

And zoom in just a bit more...


To read about the Aladdin Carnation (shown above on the left), click here.

To learn more about the Aladdins in Roanoke Rapids, click here.



  1. Mark

    I would imagine not many people would have been proud of their crummy houses.

  2. Laura (So Ca)


    I would like your input.

    I am a yellow (Banana Cream yellow- medium light shade) person living in a taupe and beige neighborhood.

    I did grid (rectangular panel) windows w/ white side exterior shutters, and I want to make my 1960’s one-story cottage, a “Santa Barbara Rancher “(pretentious name for country) home.

    Is yellow too 50s? I was thinking of a white bench on the porch, or a white wicker loveseat? Any feedback?

    Do you need pictures? (Trim will be bright white.)

    My Contemporary style friends are gagging. You’re a Contemp/Retro gal, but are open minded.

    My new is in the warm tones. Should I follow my heart?

  3. Sears Homes

    @Laura (So Ca)
    Hi Laura,

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment! šŸ˜€

    As to color, I’m a hard-core believer in following your heart. I read a story years ago about a concentration camp survivor (Japanese POW) who endured two years of brutal conditions. When he emerged from that hellish place, he said he “craved” color. He surrounded himself with flowers and artwork and beauty of every name and nature, and it was vibrant colors that made his heart sing (“The Ultimate Freedom,” John Wyndham, p. 75).

    I think certain colors can be a healing balm to our weary, beauty-starved soul in 21st Century America.

    Personally, I think your colors sound absolutely lovely. Then again, I’m a real maverick and my tastes are not only eclectic, but run against the mainstream.

    After all, I painted my kitchen yellow, turquoise and green! šŸ˜€


  4. Laura (So Ca)

    Thank you, Rose, for the input. With a new brown tone roof, I committed myself to white, an earth tone, or yellow.

    You have impeccable taste, so I’ll rejoice in my not so boring, and not so safe taste, as well.

    Just picking paint manufacturer is such a learning curve.

    The UV fading issue, has sent me into a due diligence seminar mode online, and talking to paint store employees.

    I told myself, NO Ph.D. in paint. You know how that goes šŸ™‚

    I hired a paint contractor, but I need for formulate the right questions and confirm he has our best interests in mind.

    After painting the interior, we decided we deserved someone to paint the exterior. (a.k.a. save the marriage)

    Thank you, again.

  5. Laura (So Ca)

    One other comment. Yellow/white trim has a charming and calming psychological effect.

    In the historical part of South Pasadena, many of the old bungalow style homes are blue or yellow (w/ white trim), with minimal beige.


  6. Ashley

    Thanks for all the great info on Aladdin homes. My great grandparents lived at 613 New Hampshire (in Colonial Place) and I think that was a kit home. They lived there until about 1944.