Good-bye Flocked Wallpaper, Part II

Today, we moved the furniture back into the dining room! This project is officially finished!

And boy am I glad to have an entire dining room’s worth of furniture OUT of the living room.

Below are the final photos.

To read about the whole project, click here.

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The hardwood floors came out beautifully and really made all the difference. It really adds warmth and a nice color. Mr. Hubby is trying to talk me into removing the wall-to-wall carpet from the living room and hallways, but I'm not keen on that.



I also re-upholstered the dining room chairs in white, to complement the white walls. The material is called "Pleather" which just cracks me up. Does that mean it comes from plcows?



A fun comparison of the before and after shots.


  1. Laura (So Ca)


    The dining room before and after photos really shows the new added drama.

    That blue is a great contrast against the white, and it makes the sconces pop. Add the beautiful flooring, and I love it!

    Your accessories are perfect. I was thinking of a wire basket (or retro piece) with some fake lemons on the buffet to add a color splash.

    Just a suggestion. I did that on my Bombe’ Chest and I love it. I’m not a nick-nak gal, but yellow is such a happy color.

    “Pleather” – Another Madison Ave ridiculous euphemism.

  2. ShariD

    The dining room renovation is quite a dramatic change!

    The sconces really do pop against the dark blue, and even the chandelier does at the right angles.

    And I agree with Laura on the bright yellow accent for the room, in just a small spot.

    It would really make an eye catching device! As for Madison Avenue, and the “Pleather” euphemism, Pleather is what the material those fake leather “Michael Jackson” jackets were made of in the early 80’s, or at least what it was called back then.

    Before that, Naugahyde was the “artificial leather” of choice for upholstery work.

    We had a couple of chairs and a recliner in Danish modern style and black Naugahyde upholstery.

    It wasn’t bad, but I’m sure the material you got for your chairs is much nicer than the 70’s or 80’s versions available back then.