Sometimes Buying a House is a Real Roller Coaster Ride…

In the last 37 years, I’ve bought and sold a lot of houses and every single time, it’s an extremely stressful experience. However this real estate agent in Ermelo (in the Netherlands) found a fun and unique way to market this brick house.

He built a small roller coaster track throughout the five-bedroom house. An in-house speaker system gives a room-by-room narration of the home’s many features.

It’ll be interesting to see if the homes’ buyer wants the roller coaster to remain!

I would!

To see the full youtube video of the tour, click here.

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I don't even like roller coasters, but this looks like fun!



The coaster enters through the garage and then into the basement.


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  1. Laura (So Ca)

    How cool was this idea. Certainly got the SFH some press and exposure.

    Thank you, Rose. What a hoot.