“Our Architects are Bungalow Experts” (Part II)

Earlier this month, I did a blog on the sweet little GVT #114 that Dale found in Manheim, Pennsylvania.

After that blog appeared, Dale was kind enough to send along two more photos of GVT Modern Home #114. I’ve never seen one in real life, but apparently this was a fairly popular house!

Thanks to Dale for the wonderful photos!

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Want to read the earlier blog on GVT #114? Click here.


As seen in the 1913 catalog.

As seen in the 1913 catalog.


I love this text.

I love this text: "The ultra of beauty in design."



Some of these kit homes are a misery to identify, but #114 has many unique features.


Heres the #114 that Dale found in Manheim, PA.

Here's the #114 that Dale found in Manheim, PA.


Dale found these in Davenport, Iowa.

Dale found this one in Davenport, Iowa.


This was

This #114 was also found in Davenport, Iowa (home of Gordon Van Tine).


To learn more about Wardway Homes, click here.

Want to read the earlier blog on Wardway #114? Click here.

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  1. Dale Wolicki

    Nooooooo. Not Wardway. These are Gordon-VanTine #114, a popular bungalow offer until circa 1918.

    This is one of the designs GVT never shared with Wardway because it popular. I have found 8 or 9 of these homes, mostly in Iowa.

  2. Sears Homes

    @Dale Wolicki
    Dale, I was just checking to make sure you’re still reading my blog! 😉

    Okay, not really, and I’m horrified to think I made such a profound blunder! Thanks for spotting the boo boo and leaving a comment.

    I need a regular proofreader!

    Thanks again, Dale.

  3. Dale Wolicki

    Well you were obviously distracted making goofy holiday outfits for the dog.

  4. Don Owens

    I have recently purchased a home in historic Las Vegas, NM which has been described as “a Sears house.”

    Two doors down is a smaller home with the same columns and oval window into the attic space. It can be seen on GOOGLE maps, street view (926 7th St., Las Vegas, NM 87701).

    The columns are similar to the Sears 1911 home #165 but the plan is similar to the Sears 1930 #12010B. The bay windows were apparently added later.

    Can this be either a Sears or Montgomery Ward kit home?

    Thanks, Don

  5. Rachel Shoemaker

    @Don Owens
    I didn’t see anything that resembled a kit home from the major kit home catalog companies.

  6. Sears Homes

    I second that emotion. I didn’t see anything either.