All Things Considered…

Monday evening, a 50-second snippet of my interview with NPR radio host Jon Kalish, was featured on NPR’s program, All Things Considered.

I haven’t had the nerve to listen to it yet, but I’m told that the program was well done.

If you’d like to listen to it online, you can click here.

This must be a very popular program, because my website traffic has doubled in the last three days.


All things considered, this is one of my favorite train photos! I love this picture because it looks like a photo of a model train set, but in fact, it's all life size! 😀 This excursion train is in Elkins, WV.


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  1. Dale Wolicki

    OMG! You were awesome! So factual and direct like the mail-order authority you are!

    Frankly you were more interesting then the story.

    Newspaper are always running stories about novelty houses erected in a few hours, or without architects, built of used milk cartons.

    And truthfully, the structure illustrated in story wouldn’t qualify as a “house” in any municipal zoning or building code!