How NOT to Photograph a Sears Kit House

Several times each week, folks send me emails asking, “Is my house a Sears House?” Usually,  they send photos along with their inquiries. But sometimes, the photos don’t help with the identification process.

My poor old laptop is already heavy laden with pictures of kit homes (about 50,000 photos and counting), so I’ve deleted the great majority of not-so-good pictures I’ve received.

However, I did save a few of my favorites.  🙂

This was a favorite.

This was a favorite. I laughed out loud when I saw the photo. The writer asked me, "I think I live in a Sears House. Can you tell me what this is?" I wanted to write back and say, "Yes, it's a Silver Maple."


Another reader photo.

This is the architectural equivalent of asking someone to identify a picture of a criminal where the bad guy is wearing a ski mask. Just doesn't work too well.


This is actually a photo that I took. Its an Aladdin Pasadena. Can you tell?

Is there a house back there? Yes there is. And it's an Aladdin Pasadena!


To learn more about how to identify kit homes, click here.

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To read about the impressive collection of kit homes in Raleigh (The Tree City), click here.

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  1. Catarina Bannier

    Thanks for the good laugh in the morning. At least it stimulates the imagination…

  2. Dale Wolicki

    Rose, did I ever show you slide presentation entitled “Bad Taste in American Art and Architecture”?

    I might have to send you some pictures but this was a good for a laugh at the end of a long day.