How Many Pieces Are There in a Condo Kit?

In 2002, I visited my friend Rebecca Hunter in Elgin, Illinois (southwest of Chicago) and she drove me out to Palantine to visit what she described as, “A very unusual Sears Westly.”

Of course, I was captivated and could hardly wait to see the thing.

She told me to close my eyes as we got close, so I did as she asked. When I felt the car come to a stop, she said, “Okay, you can open them.”

Sitting squarely in front of this old Westly, I remarked that it looked like a fine Westly. Yes, it had had some “improvements’ that weren’t historically sensitive, but it wasn’t too onerous.

Then Rebecca giggled a bit and moved the car forward a few feet, so I could get “the rest of the story.”

I gasped. I may have even hyperventilated just a wee bit.

Someone had built an entire neighborhood behind this once-beautiful Westly.

Why anyone would do this? Why would anyone WANT to do this? And how in the world did they get zoning approval?

And as an added note, for those who may be visiting this site for the first time, Sears did not sell “condo kits.”  🙂

To learn more about Rebecca’s newest book (which I highly recommend), click here.


house house

Sears Westly, as it appeared in the 1919 catalog.



And here's the Sears Westly in Palatine, IL. They built an entire neighborhood behind it!


another view

Palate cleanse after that last picture.


West Virginia Westly

Westly in West Virginia. In fact, it's in Oakhill.



And here's a fine-looking Westly in Suffolk, VA.



This Westly is in my hometown, Porstmouth, Virginia.


Perfect Westly in Bellfonte, PA Rebecca

A perfect Westly in Bellfonte, Pennsylvania. Photo is copyright 2010 Rebecca Hunter and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.


Westly Metropolis

A colorful Westly in Metropolis, Illinois (home of Superman).



Red Bud, Illinois has several Sears Homes, including this one.



Ruh Roh. What happened here? Nothing good.



Eek. A Westly in Norfolk, Virginia. Eek (again).


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  1. Cindy Catanzaro

    Just wondering. How many photos of The Westly do you have? Would love to know about how many have been located across the country. Any guess?

  2. Sears Homes

    Hi Cindy,

    I hesitate to venture a guess, but I probably have 40-50 photos and I’ve probably seen 2-3 times that many (maybe more).

    It was a hugely popular house for Sears.

    I’d say it was one of the top five most popular models for Sears, and maybe even in the top three!