Wintertime in Norfolk!

It’s been about 18 months since we moved to our new home in Norfolk. People say that “geography can’t make you happy,” but I surely do love living on Lake Whitehurst and I surely do love this mid-Century-modern brick ranch.

Last year, we didn’t have much of a winter and I don’t recall that we saw any ice on the lake and I know we didn’t have any snow.

But yesterday, we had a wonderful snow storm and got two inches of the white stuff! And I love it!

For my Midwestern friends, two inches may not seem like much, but for those of us in Hampton Roads, it’s quite a thrill!  🙂

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Two inches of snow!  Yay!!!

Two inches of snow! Yay!!!


View of the side

Apparently, Teddy the Sheltie is not a fan of snow. She won't set foot in it.



I was trying to get artsy with the bench, but it didn't work too well for me.


This is the first time weve ever seen the lake frozen.

This is the first time we've ever seen the lake frozen. This is from one end of our yard looking north, toward the other end of our yard. Our lot is very shallow (maybe 40 feet) but 200 feet wide.


A view of the backyard

A view of the backyard, covered (sort of) in snow.


A view from the fence of the neighbors piece of the lake.

A view from the fence of the neighbor's piece of the lake.


Shot of the sunporch, where we spend a lot of time. :)

Shot of the sunporch, where we spend a lot of time. 🙂


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  1. Karen Zanger

    Rosemary, I have searched and scrolled through your fascinating site(s) for a few years and loved to find out that we have a couple things in common, besides searching out Sears homes.

    I’m in Cincinnati, have been driving the streets of Norwood, Wyoming, Hyde Park, etc. looking for these beauties for years.

    I suspect I can find out lots more about it here from Donna Bakke, and I will call her!

    Also, we lived in Norfolk for 3 years before moving back here to my home city, living up off Granby near the Navy Base and the Jewish Community Center.

    We, too, love our (third) Shelti (Coby), but by contrast to yours, he LOVES snow! What little we get, anyhow.