Cammie is a Hammie!

As mentioned in a prior blog, I recently obtained my “General” Ham Radio License (Amateur Radio).

That was a pretty exciting landmark for me.

And in mid-August, there was another landmark, when I purchased a glorious eight-foot Diamond X-200A (dual-band vertical antenna).

And my newest “landmark” was last week, when my 2012 Camry Hybrid became the proud owner of a new antenna, thanks wholly to the kindness of a fellow “Ham.”


In mid-August, this fine-looking antenna went up at my house!


At a recent RASON (Radio Amateur Society of Norfolk) meeting, I was lamenting the fact that I had hoped to find an unobtrusive antenna for my shiny new 2012 Camry Hybrid and yet, I wasn’t sure where to find one at the last minute. Hubby and I were preparing for a road trip to Elkins, and I wanted to be able to use my hand-held transceiver on the road.

A few hours later, one of my RASON friends called and said that he had a diminutive antenna that would work on my car, and it would be ideal for my five-watt Wouxun radio!

And Jim even offered free in-home delivery of the free antenna!  🙂

My husband is now becoming more and more interested in Ham Radio. His reason: “Well, it is interesting, and the people that you’ve been meeting in that Norfolk club are incredibly nice.”

And generous, too.   🙂



This small antenna was a perfect match for my needs. I wanted something small and unobtrusive, because I didn't want to diminish the look of my new car. And I also didn't want to damage the paint job!


New car

My car is still so new, and I didn't want to damage the paint job, so I turned to Ultra-Shield (in Chesapeake) and asked them to provide this small disc of 3M Ultra-Shield to protect the new car's finish.



The 3M Ultra-Shield does an amazing job of protecting the car's paint job from all manner of evils. This car has 3-M Ultra-Shield installed on the bumpers, hood, mirrors, fender, trunk and more.



The antenna wire is threaded through the trunk and into the backseat, and is used primarily for my little Wouxun radio.

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