The Avalon: A Beautiful Bungalow at an Affordable Price

As the “Tiny House” grows in popularity, I’m forever surprised that some of these old Sears designs are not being re-invented and re-created. Some of the designs – such as the Avalon – are just as pretty as they can be, making optimal use of small spaces.

In the 1920s, apparently many other folks thought so, too.

The Avalon was offered from 1920 – 1928, and judging by the number of these found in America’s cities, this was a popular design for Sears.

Looking at the photos below, I’d love to know – how many of these Avalon homeowners knew that they had a kit house?

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Sears Homes

Sears Avalon (1928)


house house ouse

Smart floor plan, too!


Front porch

In the 1928 catalog, they showed this image of a screened-in porch.


1928 Avalonn

The Avalon - from the 1928 catalog.


house house house

A picture-perfect Avalon in Perry, Oklahoma. My oh my, what a pretty house. And I love the colors! Photo is copyright 2012 Kendale Benton and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.


house ouse Perry

Another view of the world's most perfect Avalon. Photo is copyright 2012 Kendale Benton and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.



This Avalon is in Dekalb, Illinois. Photo was taken in 2002.



Another perfect Avalon. This one is in Raleigh, NC.


Park Ridge Dale

Dale Wolicki found this Avalon in Park Ridge, Illinois. Photo is copyright 2012 Dale Wolicki and may not be used or reproduced without written permission.


Sears Avalon in Richmond, in beautifully original condition

Even Virginia has an Avalon. I found this one in Richmond, and it's also in beautifully original condition. Note the three vents on the side gable and the detail on the chimney.


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  1. Denise Cornell

    A few years ago I became interested in the Sears Homes because I knew there were quite a few homes that have been built in our Tate (National Registry) and Nelson, Georgia communities for the Marble Co. employees in the early 1900s.

    I recently have become once again interested in the Sears Homes as one of our employees had mentioned his home was a Sears home.

    I have pictures of several homes that I’m pretty sure are Sears Homes and would like to send them to someone to verify. Can someone let me know who to contact? I’m pretty sure they wont be disappointed.

  2. Sears Homes

    Hi Denise,

    Send me the photos and I’ll take a look.

    Plus, we have a group on facebook (“Sears Homes”) and you might join us there.


  3. Barb

    There is a perfect Avalon at 1222 7th Avenue in Neptune, NJ. I know because, I grew up there.

  4. Sears Homes

    Wow, Barb – it sure is! And looks mostly original too.

    What a lovely home. I’ve always loved The Avalon.

  5. Debbie Bond

    Hi, I have lived in my historic 1923 bungalow in Raleigh, NC almost 30 yrs, lovingly restoring it.

    I’ve always wanted to pin down which kit home it is and have narrowed it to Avalon or Plaza neither are exact matches.

    The only markings I can find are 1/2″ circular brass numbered plates on each window sill.

    Hoping you can advise me…can I send you a pic?

  6. Dale Wolicki

    The brass plates on the window sills probably correspond to the storm and screen windows.

  7. Sears Homes

    That was my first thought too, Dale.

    Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool that those old tags are still in place.

  8. Dale Wolicki

    The Aladdin Plaza was very popular and was widely copied by other pre-cut housing companies, plan book companies, and by local builders.

    I think the ratio is one to ten. For every ten houses that look like an Aladdin Plaza, only one of them is actually an Aladdin Plaza.

  9. Ted Coffman

    I grew up in an Avalon, on a farm off of what is now called Nighthawk Road.

    I loved that house and farm.

    My grandparents purchased two farms in Southeast Kansas, 66783.

    One of the farms was where my grandparents, lived and the other our family.

    That house withstood many storms with extremely high winds.

    I heard the freight train many times in my childhood. Our Avalon, had a full basement and a coal chute.

  10. Anna Lamarche

    I love this home and many others from this time frame.

    We are thinking of building a Craftsman home with a bit of tweaking. Are any of the plans available to purchase?

  11. Gemma

    Lots of houses around here that look just like that.

  12. Kris

    Are the stairs going up to the attic?

  13. Marilou

    My mom grew up in a Sears Avalon in Cincinnati Ohio…I loved that house and staying with my Grandma there…I want to find an Avalon for myself – where is one for sale!