Wow! THREE Sterling Homes in Anderson, SC!

Recently I was visiting family in Pickens, South Carolina and whilst there, I drove more than 400 miles throughout the Western part of the state, seeking kit homes. Sadly, there are not many kit homes in this part of the country.

However, I did find one city in South Carolina that had several kit homes: Anderson, South Carolina.

And there in Anderson, I found not one but three (and possibly four) kit homes from Sterling Homes (based in Bay City). Better yet, one of those kit homes was Sterling‘s crème de la crème – the Vernon.

This was their biggest and best kit home, and this was the first Sterling Vernon that I’ve ever found.

And it was a beauty!

I’d love to know if the owners of this house realize that they have a kit home!

And in addition to the Vernon, I also found a Van Dyke and a Ma Cherie, also from Sterling.

UPDATED:  I’ve identified ANOTHER Sterling Home in Anderson! Click here to read the latest blog!!

To read about the OTHER kit homes I found in Anderson, check back in a few days. I’ll be adding those photos soon.


The Sterling Vernon was featured on the cover of their 1928 catalog.

The Sterling Vernon was featured on the cover of their 1928 catalog.


The Vernon was their biggest, fanciest house.

The Vernon was their biggest, fanciest house.



And according to this, it was the house of YOUR dreams!


Here it is in Anderson, SC.

Do the owners of this "Vernon" know that they have a kit home?


Close-up on the details.

Close-up on the details.



The Sterling Vernon as seen in the 1928 catalog.


The Ma Cherie

The Ma Cherie was a beautiful bungalow offered by Sterling. Pay attention to the details around the front porch.



This house in Anderson is a spot-on match to the Sterling "Ma Cherie." And it's in beautifully original condition. Look at the details on the front porch. All the details are perfect.


Another picture of the Ma Cherie in Anderson.

Another picture of the Ma Cherie in Anderson.


The Van Dyke was another popular house for Sterling.

The Van Dyke was another popular house for Sterling.



Another beautiful match. This Van Dyke is less than two blocks from the Vernon.


And this is frustrating! I saw this house in Anderson but neglected to get a photo!

And this is frustrating! I saw this house in Anderson but neglected to get a photo! It was near the other kit homes shown above.

Updated!  This house is at 2309 Edgewood Avenue in Anderson, SC. My kingdom for a photo of this house!!

And this house actually makes FOUR Sterling Homes in Anderson (so the blog title is now in error!).


How did Anderson end up with so many kit homes from a small company in Bay City, Michigan? It’s a real mystery.

If you have any info to add, please leave a comment below.

To learn more about Sterling Homes, click here.

To learn more about Sears Homes, click here.

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  1. Rachel Shoemaker

    There is a Sterling Vernon at 8434 N. Main Str. Angola, NY. Maybe a reader will see this and get a photo.

    It is masquerading as a a Sears Magnolia, sigh.

    My research shows it has been used as a funeral home for several years.

  2. Dale Wolicki

    Ding Ding Ding! The expert on Sterling Homes says “you are correct!”

  3. Jeffrey Guilbault

    The houses above are located in the North Anderson Historic District in Anderson, South Carolina. This is a local and National Register Historic District. I have e-mailed you some additional details and pictures of the fourth house. Thank-you for your interest in Anderson.

  4. Rachel Shoemaker

    Sterling Homes catalog from1916 offered three versions of the Ma Cherie, A, B , and C.

    By 1928 Sterling Homes offered a fourth version and smaller version of the Ma Cherie “D”. There is a Ma Cherie “A” at 2221 N. Vernon Str in Arlington, Va. and next door at 2229 and 2233 N Vernon are two Sterling Lawndale models.

    The folks there think they are “Sears” homes. Well, they *thought*. They know now. The Lawndale at 2229 might even have a Sterling La Salle model garage. 😉

    I wonder if there are more Sterling homes in Arlington too?

  5. Rachel Shoemaker

    @Jeffrey Guilbault

    I found at least one more and possibly two more Sterling homes in that same neighborhood. At 416 Watson Ave there is a Lawndale and over a street at 509 Glenwood Ave is another Lawndale I *think*. That house and lot is more difficult to see.

  6. Sears Homes

    Rachel, that’s incredible. Gosh, I’m sure I drove right past those houses and never noticed them!! We need someone to take photos!

  7. Rachel Shoemaker

    @Sears Homes

    And while they are at it have them get a photo of the house at 423 Central Ave, corner house. It is from Southern Pines out of New Orleans (1924) and it is model #3001 🙂

  8. Brian

    Probably not the picture you were looking for of the home located at 2309 Edgewood Ave in Anderson, but better than no picture at all.

    Courtesy Google Maps:

  9. tj

    Stumbled into your pictures and commentary while researching my house in the Old North Anderson neighborhood aka Linley Park .

    Recognized the Sterling houses that were pictured right off !

    You already have the contact of the Planning Director for the City but if anyone wants pictures from the neighborhood, you can contact me as well.

    I’m not from here but having fun finding out about the place that I bought into.

  10. tj

    Another comment – I was reading about C.L. Bowes of Illinois (I believe) who also produced catalogs/books of house plans back in the 20s/30s.

    My house has some characteristics of a Bowes home, a mix of a modern cottage with colonial revival symmetry as the ad for the home stated.

    The article mentioned that a notable feature in a Bowes home was a step up landing between the living room and the kitchen which also led to the second floor .

    My house has that as well as other features on the interior that are a close match.

  11. Tammy Rinehart

    Ok. This is really cool to see. We actually just bought the Vernon home in Anderson,SC. AND yes we know it’s a Sterling Home.

    However we didn’t know it until we were researching the style of architecture of this home after we made an offer.

    We were pleasantly surprised to find it was a kit home offered between 1916-1928.

    This particular home is in fantastic shape and has had an extensive addition including a 2 car garage with a full loft above. It is absolutely gorgeous and very striking in the Spring and Summer.

    We’re so proud to own this home. Thanks for the write up.

    We plan on trying to get the interior colors to reflect the period of the home and bring it back!!

  12. Theresa Nelson

    Would love to know ant information you have on our Home!

    We just recently moved into the 4th picture you listed at 2309 Edgewood ave! Love our home and would LOVE to know more about it!
    @Jeffrey Guilbault