A Sears House Designed by “Uncle Sam”!

The banner at the top of the catalog page identifies The Wabash as “Uncle Sam’s Idea.”

According to the accompanying text, this house was “planned and designed by United States Government architects.”

The house appeared in the Spring 1920 catalog, about two years after “The War to End All Wars” had finally ended (November 1917).

According to the original catalog page, The Wabash was built in Illinois (Hamlet, Ohio, Atlanta, Williamsfield, Farmer City, Cerro Gordo) and Indiana (Hoover and Indianapolis).

If any readers are near those towns, I’d love to get a photo!!  🙂

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1920 catalog

The Wabash, as seen in the 1920 catalog. And only two columns!


house up close

Take a look at the columns, Instead of the typical grouping of three columns at the corners, this house has only TWO. I guess that's how they made the house so darn affordable.



Interesting text from the catalog page (1920).



They must have thought a lot of the house because it was "featured" in the 1920 catalog, and had a two-page spread with interior shots.



This floorplan is a puzzle. No bathroom and yet there's an open space "cement floor" that appears to be a mud room of sorts. Seems like a waste of space in such a small house.


dust trap

This "dust trap" is really intriguing. I suspect it was a place to dispose of ashes and such.


house house

And what a fine kitchen it was! Did it really have subway-tile wainscoting? You can see the "dust trap" beside the wood box (beside the sink).


house text

A little more info on the "handy fuel box" and "dust trap."


house house

Spacious living room/dining room area.


house house house

Sure would be nice to have a photo of the Wabash. It was built in these cities.


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  1. majemeco

    Hmm…no bathroom? I would take a pass on this one!