Speaking of Sears Homes in Georgia…

Eleven months ago, I wrote about Sears Home #119 in Martinez, Georgia. It was built by R. Lyle and it was also one of Sears largest kit homes.

Some time later, a reader named Stacey tracked down an old plat map that showed the location of the R. Lyle property near Martinez. Unfortunately, I’m geographically challenged and I’m not sure what this plat is telling me.

Are you good with maps? If so, maybe you can help me figure out just where in Martinez this house is located. Please leave a comment below if you have any information.

Somewhere in Martinez, there’s a Sears Modern Home #119 in hiding!

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Ive circled the spot where the Lyle farm is located, but where *is* this?

I've circled the spot where the Lyle farm is located, but where *is* this?



Close-up of map, showing R. T. Lyle parcel, but where is it - exactly?


Mr. Lyles house in 1915.

Mr. Lyle's house in 1915.



These cities also have a Sears Modern Home #119.


Original catalog page

Original catalog page from 19116.


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  1. Rachel Shoemaker

    I believe this house is or was located approximately off of what is now known as Cherry Street or Cedar Lane. Cherry Street looks to be accessible from the highway (aka Riverwatch Parkway or Cedar Ln) which is accessible from Boston Road. Maybe some nice person out there will stumble upon this blog and go check it out!

  2. Rebecca

    Hi– my husband and I just bought a home that we were told was a Sears kit house. We’ve been searching to find what it is and have been pretty discouraged.

    It has an extremely unique roof-line– complicated compared to most other Sears homes. Thank you so much for this post– I think it is a No. 119.

    There have been some changes- or perhaps modifications from the beginning.

    The fireplace is in the sitting room, using the kitchen chimney, angled in the corner, like it was meant to be in the parlor. This looks original by the banding of the wood floor and the original mantel and tile surround.

    The vestibule and reception room are combined and there are pillars as you turn into the parlor (again, looks original according to the banding on the floor). The second story is exact, except the room off the balcony doesn’t have a closet (again, by the floor, I think original). It has been empty for a while and we are currently restoring it. I would love to send a picture.

  3. Andy Stokes

    Heya, I live in downtown Augusta and for some reason, this whole search caught my eye.

    Did you guys ever find an Augustan to go check this out? If not, or even if so, I’m going over there tomorrow to take a look, I know precisely where that is, and that location seems about in line with that time period.

    The whole area (Washington Rd. and surrounding) is a wasteland of strip malls and gas stations and Applebee’s type restaurants, but on this sidestreet (there’s a used car lot on one side and a Longhorns on the other, and backing up to Riverwatch, there isn’t a whole lot of depth on this sidestreet.

    But I’ll report back, hopefully with pics of this house!

  4. Tina Rae Floyd

    Did anyone every find this house?

    I live just down the street from Martinez and would be happy to go house hunting if needed. Just let me know!