The Santa Rosa, by Gordon Van Tine

Last week, I did a blog on the Spanish bungalow that Sears offered – the San Jose. This week, I scanned some old slides from my trip (in 2004) to Burlington, Iowa, and among those old slides was a picture of the Gordon Van Tine house – the Santa Rosa!

In the intervening nine years, I’ve never seen another Santa Rosa – and I’ve been looking!

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Santa Rose GVT 1928

The Santa Rosa was not a big house, but it sure was a cutie!


Floor plan

The kitchen was so small, you had to leave the room to change your mind!


House itself

The Santa Rosa had several "Spanish-esque" details, such as the projecting beams, the ornamentation at the gable peaks and the faux wall next to the porch.



This Santa Rose in Burlington is a spot-on match to the catalog image!



It's obvious the owners love their home. I wonder if they know it came from a mail-order catalog?

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