Beautiful Christiansburg, Virginia – With Sears Homes

In 2008, Dale and I traveled around Roanoke, Bedford, Lynchburg and Christiansburg looking for kit homes. We only found a handful when we went to Christiansburg, but we found them all in less than 20 minutes.

Last weekend, Hubby Dear and I returned to Christiansburg, and this time, I drove the entire city and didn’t find any more than Dale and I found in 2008!

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Prrinceville 1919

The Princeville, from the 1919 catalog.


1919  sjsjsj

It's tough to get good pictures in hilly areas, but here's the Princeville in Christiansburg. This was a fairly rare model for Sears, but easy to spot!



Number 306, as seen in the 1916 catalog.



Christiansburgs' very own Sears Modern Home #306.



Close-up of the oval window.



Again, due to those hills, it's hard to get a good shot, but here's a view of the top of that oval window.


house 1928

The Glen Falls from the 1928 catalog.



Is this a Glen Falls? The owner does not think so, but I suspect that it might be.



The Sears Matoka was a popular house (1919 catalog).


I had to snap this photo from the wrong side (due to landscaping obstructions), but it’s definitely a Matoka!

house ccompare

Detail of the vergeboard on the Matoka.


Roanoke Walton 1921

The Sears Walton (1921)



Headed home, we passed through Roanoke and I had to dash into this neighborhood when I heard the Sears Homes calling me. And there, I found this little Walton!



The Sears Westly in 1916.



This Westly is in the same neighborhood as the Walton above - in Roanoke!

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  1. Rachel Shoemaker

    I don’t think that is a Glen Falls. It looks too small and the dormers are smaller as well.

    The two French doors are closer together and the spacing is off, here again too small. Could be from a plan book is my guess. I know Sears, Wardway, Standard Homes Company, Home Builders Catalog, Chaffee Brothers Co and Harris Brothers all had this house.

    There are probably others!

    What do you think?

  2. Sears Homes

    I’d say there’s a 60% chance it’s a Glenn Falls. And there’s a 40% chance it’s not.

    Maybe 41%. 😉