Enoch Fargo Should Have Come with a Surgeon General’s Warning

Being married to Enoch was hard on a woman. To see just how hard it was, take a look at these photos below.

In fact, this guy should have come with a Surgeon General’s warning label.

Scroll on down to see photos of Enoch’s first two wives, in their youth, and a few years later.

These images are haunting. Being married to Enoch took a real toll on these women.


It's hard to believe but this IS the same woman ( Enoch's first wife - Mary Rutherford Fargo) in both photos. She died at the age of 37 (allegedly from Typhoid), so in this picture on the right she can not be more than 37 years old. Poor Mary.


And here's a picture of Addie, in 1896 (on her wedding day), and a scant five years later. Life with Enoch took a toll on both wives, and according to Mary Wilson, being married to Enoch not only took away Addie's youth, vigor and beauty; it also took away her very life.


What does Addie's body language tell us here? I'd love to know.

Before Enoch, Addie was a beautiful, vibrant, strong woman.

Before Enoch, Addie was a beautiful, vibrant, strong woman. She was 24 years old when she married him; he was 46. Eleven months after her death, he remarried Martha Harbeck Hoyt, a woman that had been living in the Fargo Mansion prior to Addie's death.

Did Enoch murder his young wife, Addie Hoyt Fargo? According to Mary Wilson, he did. To learn more about that, click here.

We do know that Addie’s death certificate was falsified. And we now know that Addie did not – could NOT – have died from diphtheria.

This is a complicated, detailed story. Click on the above links to learn more about the proof we’ve found that establishes – Mary Wilson was right.

To learn more about the Fargo Mansion, click here.

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  1. Mandie Brewer

    I can see it now. WARNING: Marrying this man may lead to the following: significant hair loss and receding hairline, premature aging, stealth ninja-like disease causing death, swollen face, busted lip, feelings of fear and dread, and swift burial in a shallow grave, dug under the cover of darkness.

    *burial may or may not include funeral or legal paperwork.


    Imagine if you happened to be the third wife, and knew all of the facts (and secrets) of what happened to Enoch’s second wife (and maybe the first), and that means that all the power shifts from that old coot to you. Guess which wife was laughing all the way to the bank. Is that called justice or blackmail? Just a thought.

    Boy, would I love to know her story!

    Woman empowered, maybe that was his death sentence. Imagine him thinking his lusty thoughts about having an affair. He got rid of wife number two and married number three. Oops, number three knows a little too much about Enoch’s secrets, and she’s smart enough to know she can make demands and have things her way. After all, she knows ALL his secrets.

    I’m betting that Enoch’s karma kicked in sometime soon after Addie’s death.