A Disrespectful Way to Treat a Young Woman’s Death

Today, an article ran in the “Lake Mills Leader” (Lake Mills’ newspaper) which reads (and I quote), “Legend has it, Enoch knocked off Addie.”

If a young woman was murdered last week by her husband, would the newspaper editors present the story with such flippancy, and with such an utter lack of respect?

When will Addie Hoyt Fargo – the 29-year-old woman who was allegedly murdered by her 52-year-old husband, Enoch Fargo, be given a modicum of decency and respect by the press in her own home town?

Did Enoch murder my great Aunt? According to Mary Wilson, Enoch’s own granddaughter, Enoch killed Addie. Read more here. (“The History of Lake Mills, 1983, page 274.)

We do know that Addie did not die of diphtheria, as is stated on her death certificate. We do know that Addie’s death certificate was falsified and we do know those involved in the cover-up violated Wisconsin state law when they did not obtain the necessary burial permit. And we know that Addie’s obituary was fabricated. Which begs the question, what happened to Addie 110 years ago, that those present at her death felt they had to falsify documents and create this fantastic cover-up, all in an effort to hide the truth? What was the truth that they were hiding?

And now,  even 110 years after this 29-year-old woman died under a cloud of suspicious circumstances and events, the Lake Mills newspaper still thinks it’s acceptable to treat Addie’s death in a sophomoric, flippant, irreverent manner.

I wonder if they’d feel the same way if this was their relative?

Because Addie is my relative, and I deeply resent their flippancy.

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Enoch Fargo and his bride, Addie Hoyt Fargo. This is labeled as their wedding photo from 1896.

Enoch Fargo and his young wife, Addie Hoyt Fargo. This is labeled as their wedding photo from 1896. Addie was 22 years younger than Enoch. According to Mary Wilson (Enoch's granddaughter), Enoch murdered Addie.



Addie in 1894, about two years before she married Enoch Fargo of Lake Mills.


Addie married Enoch Fargo.

Enoch James Fargo, who allegedly murdered his second wife. His granddaughter (Mary Wilson) speaks plainly in her book (The History of Lake Mills) when she says, "Enoch shot Addie!"

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