When Bad Things Happen to Good Bathrooms

One day I dropped by my brother’s house for a visit, and he told me that he needed some help with “a little problem” in the bathroom.

His house was a gorgeous 1930s Dutch Colonial, well-maintained and well-loved, and the crowning jewel of the old house was the vintage bathroom, complete with subway tile, black and white tile floor, beautiful wainscoting, original fixtures, etc.

As I gasped in horror at the “little problem,” he explained that he’d hired a plumber to put in a new manifold (tub and shower faucet assembly) and the plumber had charged him $500 to do this little “fix.”

I asked him where he found this “plumber” and he said, “Well, he’s not really a plumber actually; it’s just something he does on the side.”

No kidding.

I understand the guy threw in the duct tape for free.

Wow. Just wow.

Wow. Just wow.

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  1. ShariD

    Gasp! And OMG! Three words for your brother – “Small Claims Court!”

  2. David Spriggs

    A little spritz of “X-14” will make quick work of that mold problem in the corner. However, there is no cheap cure for shoddy workmanship or duct tape.

    This is an easy DIY repair, seen often on the various home shows.