Perhaps the Most Remuddled Americus in America

Did they *know* this was a Sears House when they killed it?

Before I get myself into trouble with too many words, I’ll let the pictures tell the sad story. It’s in Pennsylvania, not far from that beautiful brick Magnolia in Irwin!


The Americus, as seen in the 1921 catalog.

The Americus, as seen in the 1921 catalog.


I think the bush is trying to protect it from street view. Grow Mr. Bush, grow fast! One of the defining features of the Americus is all those fine windows, most of which have been stripped by this "siding job."

The other side isnt much better, but at least there are a few windows.

The other side isn't much better, but at least there are a few windows.

Palate cleanse, courtesy Beckley, WV.

Palate cleanse, courtesy Beckley, WV.

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  1. Joeylynn Mattson

    If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s boarding up windows for practicality’s sake! eeek! That was suggested to us by an unmentioned family member upon our moving into our home with windows aplenty and winter drafts as many! “NO!” I say! And please, don’t mince words… I LOVE the way you put things into words and the humor that comes out of it! You’ve got me in stitches every time!

  2. Shari D.

    That’s just sad. And speaks to an extreme aversion to sunlight?

    Although the exterior is a bright, sunshiny yellow, the admittance of any natural light seems to be forbidden. Even where there are windows, they are very much smaller than the originals, and seem dark even from the outside.

    And the “blind” on the front porch seems to be in place to block out any stray rays of sunshine! I can’t imagine how dark it must be on the inside from lack of natural light.

    Poor thing….

    The other thing I noticed is you say at the beginning that you aren’t revealing any information about the location of this travesty, other than “an unnamed small town in America.”

    But, just above these comments, there is a list of “uncategorized” key words or links (can’t remember the proper word right this moment) and included there are no less than two mentions of Pennsylvania!

    Is that a clue for the sharp-eyed? A “Freudian Slip?” 😉

  3. Sears Homes

    Hey Shari,

    It’s in Irwin. LOL.

    Not far from that fine brick Magnolia!


  4. Rachel Shoemaker

    Poor Americus 🙁

    It seems unpatriotic to deface such a beautiful Sears house.

    The color version of the Sears Americus in the catalog is SO pretty!

  5. Jeff S Alterman

    UGH!! I hope that someone realizes what that house should look like and restore it to its original appearance. That Sears Americus looks like a shadow if its former self. At least where I live in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, there is a decent looking Sears Americus. It just got a new paint job.