The Sears Ivanhoe

The Magnolia was Sears biggest and best kit home, but the Ivanhoe was a close second. In my travels, I’ve only seen a handful.

One of them was in Lewisburg, WV and the other was in Elmhurst, Illinois (see pictures of these homes below). I found a third in Northern Illinois but neglected to note the city. Carol Parish (Monmouth, IL) sent in a picture of an especially beautiful (and original) Ivanhoe in her city.

According to the testimonials found in the old Sears Modern Homes’ catalogs (and referenced in Rebecca Hunter’s book), there’s a Sears Ivanhoe in West Point, Virginia, but it faces the waterfront and despite letters written to the owners, I’ve not been able to get a photograph.

Recently I was scanning some old paperwork and stumbled across the Sears Ivanhoe (LaGrange, IL) featured in a Sears roofing brochure. I’d love to get a current photo of this BRICK Ivanhoe!  🙂


This Ivanhoe is located in LaGrange, IL. I wonder if it's still standing!


Close-up of the letter written someone whose signature is illegible in a city whose name is misspelled. It's LaGrange, not LaGrauge.

Below are the Ivanhoes in Lewiston, West Virginia, Elmhurst, Illinois, and an unknown city in northern Illinois.

First, the original catalog image.

Sears Ivanhoe from the 1919 Modern Homes catalog

Sears Ivanhoe from the 1920 Modern Homes catalog


Ivanhoe floorplan, second floor.


Ivanhoe floorplan, first floor.

Ivanhoe in Elmhurst, IL

Ivanhoe in Elmhurst, IL

And heres

And this beautiful Ivanhoe is in Monmouth, IL. Thanks to Carol Parish for snapping the photo and sending it along!!

Ivanhoe in Lewiston

Ivanhoe in Lewisburg, WV

This Ivanhoe is somewhere in Northern Illiois, but not sure where. The photo was taken in 2002.

This Ivanhoe is in Northern Illinois - somewhere (2002).

If you know of the location of an Ivanhoe, please leave a comment below. And if you own an Ivanhoe and would like to send me a picture, please do!  Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

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  1. Elizabeth Isaac

    My husband and I own the house in Lewisburg, WV. We are trying to find a stained glass window to match the one that we have here. Any suggestions where we might locate one? I am a friend of Sandy’s who lives in Beckley. Thanks for your help. Elizabeth Isaac

  2. Ken Wolf

    Hi. I just wanted to update you on the Ivanhoe home listed as “Somewhere In Northern Illinois”.

    It’s actually on Maple Ave in Downers Grove, Illinois. I bought it from the original family in 1990, and have owned it for 22 years now. Nine years ago, it went thru an extensive exterior renovation.

    I removed the aluminum sliding and put it back to stucco. Replaced most of the 64 windows. Installed all new facia, soffit and gutters, new roof, and tuckpointed all of the first floor brickwork. It’s on the Sear Trolley Tour here in Downers Grove.
    Thanks for letting me update you. Ken Wolf

  3. Rachel

    Yes, the testimonial house is there. It is at 313 8th Avenue, La Grange IL . Oscar C And Ethel raised at least four kids in it, at least until 1940 anyway. He died in 1946 (based on a quick look at their history).

  4. jane fisher

    Hi Rose,

    Thank you for your note. I didn’t realize you have a home in Southeastern Virginia. Neat!

    You asked about the West Point Ivanhoe in your note. it may take me a little bit of time but I may be able to get info on the house and its owner.

    I know a building contractor here who is knowledgeable of the Sears Houses here in West Point and he may be able to help.

    I also know a real estate agent here in town I can ask. No promises but i’ll give it a shot.

    My husband and I had our eyes on the 1910 (year built) Sears House here in West Point (located at the intersection of Thompson and ODI streets).

    It will be for sale in a few months and we looked at it but we’re opting out of buying it.

    If we were younger I’d love a good project house but, now in retirement, this one felt too big for me stamina-wise.

    I look forward to reading your book! Where is your restoration house located in tidewater?


    Jane Fisher

  5. Rachel Shoemaker

    I have a photo of the La Grange Il Ivanhoe however the house was not brick. That is per the assessor information.