Kris Kristofferson; The Original Axe Man!

Recently, I’ve been scanning my old Sears Modern Homes catalogs so that it’ll be easier to share the many delightful images contained within their aged and brittle pages. An added bonus is that I’m learning ever more about this fascinating piece of American history.

For instance, this blurb on the inside cover of the 1938 Sears Modern Homes catalog is quite loquacious, thoroughly explaining the many benefits of wood (see below). When I zoomed in on the images, I was surprised to discover that one of the first axe men employed by Sears and Roebuck was Kris Kristofferson!


Before he became a famous singer, Kris Kristofferson worked as a lumberman for Sears and Roebuck. Here he's shown working with a fellow axeman, wrestling a log into place!


The original graphic, as it appeared in the 1938 catalog. Dick Clark learned his longevity secrets from Kris Kristofferson, who appears to be in his late 20s here.


Fascinating prose about the many benefits of wood.

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  1. Dave Spriggs

    And I am guessing that the fellow with his back to us is Bobby McGee.

  2. Rachel

    What’s funny is he actually looks like him as well!