Who Are These People?

Years ago I was poking around on eBay, looking for Sears House ephemera and I discovered this post card under the heading of “Old house photo.” Instantly, I recognized this as Sears Modern Home #106. I bid on the post card and won the item. My cost: $3.

I was a happy camper.

Since then, I’ve wondered where this photo was taken. It could have been taken anywhere in the 48 states. Judging by the house, the photo was most likely taken sometime between 1912-1916 (the years that #106 was offered).

If you’ve any idea where this photo was taken or who these people are, please drop me a note. I’d love to know.


Modern Home #106 in picture perfect condition. If only all Sears Homes looked like this, it'd be easy to identify them! Unfortunately, most 80-90 year old houses go through many changes and remodelings.

Closer look at the house

Closer look at the house and the people.


Modern Home #106 from the 1916 Sears Modern Homes catalog.


The full page featuring #106.

Floorplan, first floor.


The second floor is pretty simple.


Have you seen these people? Or this house? Photo is circa mid-1910s. When I showed this picture to my husband, he said, "That guy looks kinda cadaverous, doesn't he?"

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  1. Lacy

    Stumbled across your blog and find it very fascinating. Especially the story of the “little door”! Upon further reading I have discovered that you are from Hampton Roads. I am in Virginia Beach and will now be on a mission to spot Sears homes while we are out and about! 🙂

  2. Janet Hess LaMonica

    Sorry, the people and the home don’t look familiar. The cadaverous man probably was suffering from TB, also known as consumption, a scourge of the time.