I Painted My Kitchen Red. Ask Me a Question!

Since March 2007, I have lived in a beautiful old house with a beige kitchen. The walls were beige, the cabinets were beige, the floors were dark beige and the ceiling was “Bacon Grease Beige.”  We had a whole lot of beige going on. When we decided to sell the house, we decided to clean up the kitchen and make it shine. We patched a few old cracks along the way, and then we painted the whole room from ceiling to baseboard.

Never in my life have I seen three gallons of paint (ceiling, walls and cabinets) make such a difference. As my friend said, “Now you have a high end kitchen to match the rest of your high end house.”

Pictures are below.

BTW, the asking price is $299,900. It’s a beautiful old house on a beautiful lot in a beautiful area.

Ready for the tour? Enjoy the photos below!

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The look of the new kitchen (new paint) is just dazzling. Had I known how beautiful it would turn out, I would have done this years ago!


My favorite feature of the kitchen is the large windows over the sink.


The gas stove was installed less than a month ago. Still shiny new!


The cabinets have been painted bright white. Lots of work!




And I'll miss this massive refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser.


A view from the doorway.


The long end of the kitchen has a fish in a fry pan that we bought at the Stockely Gardens Art Show in 2009. It's always been one of my favorite items, and now it matches the kitchen! Fishie does not convey. 🙂


That's one happy fish!


Wayne, after being permitted entry into the kitchen. Teddy is hoping Wayne is going to drop some food.


The house at 3916 Gosnold Avenue.


Classic lines and high-quality workmanship make this a timeless beauty.


The living room is awash in light with a western and eastern and southern exposure. The living room is 25 feet long and 13 feet wide.

dining room

The spacious dining room has four windows (six feet tall!) and has beautiful oak floors.

Entry foyer

Visitors to our home frequently comment on the beautiful foyer.


Original french doors to the living room and dining room are still in place.


A view from the staircase.


Another view of the foyer.


The house is also a gardener's delight, with provisions to collect and store more than 200 gallons of rain water.


Your own private farm awaits: Tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, zucchini, strawberries, carrots and lettuce will be ready for harvest in about 30 days.


And they all live together in peace - in a fully enclosed living space - safe from racoons and squirrels.


And the world's most perfect strawberry, from my garden.

And flowers, too!

And a flower garden, too!


Carrerra marble under radiator and toilet complement the hex flooring. Work was done in Spring 2010.

Bathroom pretty

Bathroom was restored to its original 1920s appearance.


This 1930s vintage thermostat works beautifully, controlling a 2011 high efficiency gas boiler.

New-old stock from eBay. Vintage doorbell installed in 2008, and it has a beautiful chime!

It's the little things that make an old house a special home. Vintage doorbell installed in 2008, and it has a beautiful chime!


Front entry foyer is 11 feet wide and 25 feet long.

Its done!

Spacious sunporch has built-in bookcases that are 9-feet tall.


Little house (address is 3916-1/2) has a floored attic, vintage windows and slate roof.


Another view of the little house.

uniquely large yard for Colonial Place

Private, off-street parking and a uniquely large yard for Colonial Place make 3916 Gosnold Avenue a quiet oasis amidst a sea of classic old houses.

Street view

View from the street.

Sideyard summertime view

Sideyard summertime view.

And I saved the best for last: The Perfect Pergola

And I saved the best for last: The Perfect Pergola. The design came from a 1924 architectural magazine. Note hipped roof with slate shingles.

Another view

Another view of the pergola. Dog does not convey.

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  1. Meredith

    What is the name of the paint color you used in your kitchen?

    Rose’s Reply: I’m sorry to say, I don’t remember, but it was a very vivid and deep red. It looked like blood when we painted it onto the walls, but it dried dark and looked good.

  2. Lorraine

    Hi I love your kitchen. I was looking for a red to paint mine but so many to choose from.

    Would you mind telling me the paint number and by who makes it.


  3. Sears Homes

    Oh Lorraine, I wish I could remember! It was Sherwin Williams and I think the word “barn” was involved in the name of the color. I do remember that when I first painted it on, I panicked, because it looked like a haunted house with blood dripping down the walls.

    When the paint dried, it darkened up a bit.