The Chelsea

The Sears Chelsea was not one of their most popular models, and it’s a little different from the other Sears foursquares. The dormer windows in the Sears Chelsea were boxier and bolder than other Sears Homes such as the Fullerton, the Gladstone, Woodland and more.

The catalog page says “In Demand For Years.” I’m not so sure about that…

The characteristic feature of the Chelsea is that staircase window, hanging off the side of the house. Very distinctive!

Sears Chelsea from the 1919 Sears Modern Homes catalog

Sears Chelsea from the 1919 Sears Modern Homes catalog

Sears Chelsea in Mattoon, Illinois

Sears Chelsea in Mattoon, Illinois

And from the front...

And from the front...

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  1. Richard Dobie

    My folks had a Model 111 Chelsea in Jackson, Michigan, on West Ganson St. My folks sold it about 20 years ago, and has undergone some rough remodeling on the outside. It had to be one of the homes sold with many extras, as it had a beautiful oak paneled stairway to the second floor (I know, because my sister and I stripped and refinished it during our early teen years), Oak Trim throughout, and oak “pocket doors” between the living room and dining room, and Bay windows in the dining room and the bedroom above it.

  2. Peter Benedict

    This is really interesting. Our neighbor and I (in Maplewood NJ) have side by side sister Chelsea houses, built in 1912.

    Unfortunately this site doesn’t let me post photo but it is quite nice. Happy to send a photo of them side by side.

    Shoot me a note at

  3. Hilary Roberts

    Have you ever found anyone to take a picture of the Chelsea in Waukesha?

    I live in Waukesha and I would be happy to if you know the address.

    I would also love to see any other Sears homes in my area if you are aware of any.

  4. Krista Ovist

    Does anyone know whether the 111 or Chelsea ever featured a deacon’s bench, built into the base of the ascending stair and facing the front door in the entry area?

    Also, does anyone know when the little closet window was added to the plan?

    Did Gordon-Van Tine market a version under another number or name?

    Would love to get anyone’s photos of a 111 or Chelsea, especially interior shots.


    Krista Ovist

  5. Nicole Walsh

    Hi! I am so happy I found this forum. We just purchased a house that was listed as a 1890 home. I know that goes against the 1908 sears catalog start time but i was told by our neighbor who has been here for over 20 years that this house and the house next to mine was a sears home. After narrowing it down the Chelsea home appears to be identical to our houses layout. I have pictures but unsure how to attach them to this comment.. also wasn’t sure what options were considered an upgrade or an extra option back in the day. Looking for anyone’s history knowledge or input! Thank you. Ps we are trying to do small fixer uppers so was interested to know if we have hardwood floor under the carpet. Only one section of the house has oak floors. Underneath seems to have wood planks of some sort?