Modern Home #306

Based on my experience, this was not a hugely popular house for Sears, and yet I’ve found examples of the #306 in Moorefield, WV, Blacksburg, SC, and Christiansburg, VA.

It’s an enormous house and the trademark feature is that side dormer, with a roof line that is an integral part of the primary roof. Plus, it has an oddly placed small window on the home’s second floor bay.

Enjoy the photos. Or just buy the book.  🙂

Sears Modern Home #306 as seen in the 1916 catalog.

Sears Modern Home #306 as seen in the 1916 catalog.

Sears #306 in Christianburg, VA.

Sears #306 in Christianburg, VA.

A not-so-pretty #306 in Blacksburg, SC.

A not-so-pretty #306 in Blacksburg, SC.

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  1. Lisa McBride

    My husband and I lived in the Blacksburg, SC house for 5 years. Unfortunately, we just could not afford all of the renovations that it needed. EVERYTHING was original to the house except a few additions. It had the original plumbing, electrical, windows, etc. It could have been a beautiful home if it had been restored. My understanding is that a lady bought it for $15,000 and is renovating it. In the 1920s it was a boarding house for teachers.

  2. Rachel Shoemaker

    The 306 in West Chazy is at 50 W. Church Str. in West Chazy, NY. It is in awesome condition!

    I found another at 136 County Route 19 in Livingston NY and it is well loved too!

  3. Andrea L Bush

    We are in the process of buying a 306/215 built in 1913 in Michigan. Its the only one ive seen with cedar shingle siding. Its a mirror or reverse built house from the plans. Looks exactly like the plans other than one small part of the porch has been closed in. But that was done at the time of the build . I have historical photos too. Cant wait to get started on the restoration.