Fences Make Good Neighbors, and So Does a Little Space

This photo appeared in the 1938 textbook, “Social Living; Principles and Problems in Introductory Sociology.” It appears that this book is geared for high school students.

It’s shown as an example of how *not* to build neighborhoods. The houses are mighty close together. I’d love to know if these houses in Queen Village (Long Island) are still standing, today.

If you know the fate of these 1920s homes, please leave a comment below.

On an even more interesting note, on page 482 of this little book it states, “None can deny that the city is still the place of noise and dirt, gloom and disorder, haste and confusion. It neglects many things that are quite essential to the highest type of human welfare.”

Some things never change.

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UPDATE:  I just learned – thanks to a new friend on the internet – that this neighborhood is located near Braddock Avenue and Lyman Street, Queens, NY 11428. Better yet, you can ‘drive’ the streets via Google and see what these houses look like now. Fun!  🙂

Books house

This photo appeared in a 1930s book titled "Social Living."

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  1. dan

    Braddock Avenue and Lyman street.

    Houses are still standing and in very good shape. Market value anywhere from 375k- 600