Sears Magnolia in Canton, Ohio

Yesterday, after a massive “tidy up all the mess in the attic” project, I found photos of the Sears Magnolia in Canton, Ohio. In Fall 2002, PBS History Detectives invited me to appear on their second episode (first season), to do a story on the Sears Homes in Akron. The filming started at the Sears Magnolia in Canton. Filming the 15-minute segment took eight days.

It was an incredible amount of fun and a good time was had by all. I took many photos, and after cleaning up my large attic, I finally found those photos.


Sears Magnolia from the 1922 Modern Homes catalog

Sears Magnolia from the 1922 Modern Homes catalog

Sears Magnolia in Canton, Ohio

Sears Magnolia in Canton, Ohio

Close-up of the columns. In some models, the Magnolia had Corinthian columns, and in others, they were Ionic.

Close-up of the columns. In some models, the Magnolia had Corinthian columns, and in others, they were Ionic.

And in this Magnolia, theres a Magnolia room!

And in this Magnolia, there's a Magnolia room!

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  1. Janet Hess LaMonica

    This beautiful home is one of many lovely old homes in Canton, OH. I grew up in the area and if you look, Rose, I’m sure you’ll find more kit homes!

    Rose’s Response: Let’s take a road trip in your travel trailer! 🙂

  2. Deryl Denison

    There was a Magnolia in Tampa at 3901 Bayshore Blvd. It’s last owner who lived in it for 20+ years was Norman C. Vik who still lives in Tampa. He’s probably close to 80 years old now. He has a son of same name, and his other son named Andrew. Both sons still live in Florida, either in or near Tampa. I lived next door to them in the 70’s and spent a lot of time at their house. This one also had the garage in back with the servant’s quarters above it from an outside staircase. Even in the 70s it still had the circular garden areas in the front yard, just like seen in the advertisement, so that must have come as part of the house package. They may have some old pictures of the house if interested. I thought it was one of the better styled homes along Bayshore Blvd, too bad it wasn’t restored instead of being replaced, but “highest and best use” of real estate says you can sell 3 homes along Bayshore Blvd for more money than fixing up an old one and selling just it with it’s extra real estate still attached.

    This house was torn down in the 90s, the property subdivided with a new house on north side of lot facing Bayshore Blvd, one in the large back yard facing Bay Court Ave, and one to the south side also facing Bayshore Blvd. The Magnolia had been on a large lot, probably a half acre originally in size.

    Our house, which was one house behind the Magnolia was at 2904 W. Bay Court Ave and it was removed in 2004 and replaced by some pink colored home, now being two houses back from Bayshore Blvd instead of one.

  3. Shelby

    When I commuted to a small historic town called Wesson, I passed one of these homes everyday and loved it. Located in Hazlehurst,Mississippi.

  4. Laura Smith

    I’m not really sure how I first found your site, but I have! I think someone posted a Magnolia and a bell went off.

    I shared that picture with a friend who had lived next door to me but had grown up in the “Southern Belle ” of our block.

    She thought the current owners had painted “her” old home. I am attaching a link to the property for you to see.

    I also read a lot on your site today, and read about your husband. A cousin of mine took his life several years ago and it was devastating. My thoughts and prayers are with you.