Trains, Planes and Oops

As any frequent visitor to this blog will note, I love old trains. Steam engines hold a special fascination for me. I could talk for days about old steam locomotives, but in short, they changed America and opened up the great expanses of wilderness to flat-lander tourists, and enabled average folks to go back “home” and see their relatives again.

Thanks wholly to the steam locomotive, trips across the country that took months in a praire schooner now took days. It was a radical transformation. And then in the first years of the 20th Century, planes made an appearance on our landscape. And incredibly, this bi-plane and this steam locomotive ran into each other.

The story on the inside of this 1920 Popular Magazine explains that no-one suffered any major injuries in the incident. Which is pretty amazing in and of itself! I wonder if that includes the cattle in the boxcar?